Daily Archive: August 25, 2013

Seems to Work Just Like It Should

I have an old house with no overhead lighting so until now I’ve had to run extension cords all over each room to get the lights to turn on and off with the light switches.

Now I can plug in the lamps anywhere without the extension cords and turn them on and off with this wireless remote.

Range seems great so far, can switch bedroom lights on/off from my living room.

Highly recommend and can’t beat that price.

At first I could tell she thought it wa something she didn’t need. After my Daughter & I hooked them up for her, she absolutely loves them. She uses them regularly & tells me all the time how handy they are for her. She has bad arthritis in her hands & I just can’t explain how much they’ve helped her. Only bad thing is they will NOT work in any durable medical equipment, such as an oxygen converter.

I bought a second set and used them to control uplights in our family room installed in the corners behind the couch and wall cabinet. Really handy, well-functioning!!

So these remote control outlet switches were just the thing I needed.

A few minor complaints, though: The outlet boxes were very large and completely blocked out the second outlet in a conventional wall socket. I plugged them into a power strip, but even there they were space hogs. I used one-foot extension cords to plug into the power strip and then plugged the boxes into the extension cord. This freed up space on the power strip. It was a mess to look at, though everything was hidden under dressers and bedside tables. However the large size of these outlet boxes necessitated the additional purchase of the extension cords.

The remote takes a nonstandard 12-volt 23A sized battery. The remote is big enough that it would take one or two AAA or even AA batteries. Why the nonstandard battery size in the remote? This size battery is not that easy to find.

I received a remote and three outlet boxes that were prominently branded “dbtech” but this branding was not shown in the photo on the product page. Plain white components were shown.

Otherwise I’m well pleased with this item.

Very quick response from the remote. Yes the plugs are pretty large and also the remote back is less than easy to open up. But overall good product.

The old ones never worked that great and interfered with each other. All of those problems are gone now! Each plugged device works perfectly every time with just one press of the button.

If there was a negative I’d say that the plugs themselves were bigger in size than I thought they’d be. I had to use a short piece of extension cable (made for strip additions) to get my third device going.

But the buttons on the plugs are sweet. I don’t use them, but I count that as a very useful feature depending on the application. Believe me, I don’t miss my old switches one bit. I can get the remote to turn the plugs on and off from quite a ways away. If I’d known how well this set would work, I’d probably have ordered it sooner!