Daily Archive: August 27, 2013

Handy Solution for Power Control

They work great and we’ve had the remote halfway across the house in another room and they still work. They do make a loud click when you push the button. Be aware the plug is huge, it’ll take over the entire wall socket you use it on.

However, I found a need for them when I found myself plugging in lighting cables to a socket on the roof and having to get a ladder to unplug them. I was also unplugging a DJ speaker that was mounted on a high bracket and I couldn’t reach the “on/off” button.

I found these, took a chance and am currently using them to great satisfaction.

The remote control features 3 buttons, each aligned with the unit. Pressing button 1 turns on/off unit 1, etc. One very nice feature is that it is also possible to perform the same action right on the unit if you need to. This is handy in case you misplace the remote.

One reviewer noted that the remote uses the more expensive battery type, and this can be a drawback. But in terms of functionality and range, these units work well. My own peeve with these units is that they are fairly bulky. It is not possible to put two units on one socket as they are oriented along the same direction.

Overall it is a good product that does what it’s supposed to do in a convenient way. I would purchase them again as needed.

Our living room has no overhead light so it is nice to be able to turn on the lights without crawling over furniture to get to the lamps. Unlike some other similar products, the remote is highly responsive from a long range, so you don’t have to have it pointed directly at the socket or be within inches of the reciever. WELL WORTH THE COST.

Only con is that the outlet is so large that it clogs up both spots on the outlet unless the other item you have to plug in has a very small plug. I am willing to deal with this as the remote works so nicely.

Love them for my Christmas tree and living room lamps. These three are just as good, though the battery installation is tricky. (Use tip of box cutter to open the compartment. Snap batttery in tightly and it slides closed easily.) If there was one thing I would change it would be to not have it be so big that the edge of it blocks the second plug on an outlet.

The operating range is pretty wide and extends through walls. Also, they each consume just 0.75 watts. (For us, that comes out to about 75 cents a year each.)

The challenge you will probably face is how to fit these things into power strips that are already being used. These devices are BIG! It can be done, but it’s probably easiest to use them in conjunction with an extension cord, where the extension cord would plug into the power strip allowing the device to lay somewhere else.