Daily Archive: August 26, 2013

Good to Save Energy, Best Invention Ever

To combat the harsh ceiling fixture lighting in my place, I bought some floor lamps that would reflect light up toward the ceiling instead of the light coming down. The lamps’ switches are toward the top of the lamps; I can stand from my wheelchair to operate the switches, but with my lack of balance it wasn’t safe turning them on and off. Searching for a solution, I came across these and they looked like they’d do the trick. And they do. The first thing which impressed me was their heft, hopefully a sign that the manufacturer takes the plugs’ 10 amp rating seriously – overkill for lamps, but they can be used for small air conditioners and the like, if you trust the heft of these things isn’t just dead weight. Installation of the outlets is straight forward and plugs fit into them easily. The only flaw of the outlets is that they encroach on the second outlet in the wall. This maybe intentional for the chance that a person does plug in a high amperage appliance into it, but if you’re just using lamps, etc. there’s no need to cover the second outlet. However, a flat profiled plug will fit underneath this outlet and into the wall. As for the battery, I had little issue putting it in the remote. But I did have problems replacing the battery compartment door. I chalked this up to my spastic condition and do think that a person with more coordination wouldn’t have a problem.

The outlets work great! I keep the remote I’m my saddle bag on my wheelchair and can turn on any equipped lamp from anywhere in my apartment.

I have had zero problems and plan on buying more for other lights around the house.

My only concern is losing the remote, or my two year old daughter sticking it in the couch… or the trash… or the toilet… or her mouth… or under the mattress… what I am trying to say is the remote is small…

He can leave a room with the light on and shut it off when he is in the bedroom. I recommend for anyone with disabilities or lights/other appliances that are hard to reach. Easy to install but a bit bulky.

I bought one three pack and was so satisfied by it I bought another one for other parts of the house, it is truly amazing how they work and you cannot beat the price. I would highly recommend this product to anyone especially if you are lazy like me, lol.

They have Christmas lights strung up around the ceiling, and they each have a desk light and a bedside lamp. So, they install all three with this remote system, and then from their bed they can control the lights on and off. It’s great because they use the Christmas lights way more than they would if they had to plug/unplug them all the time, and they can give their room a nice glow with the three lights on, but then not have to get up out of bed to turn them all off. Maybe they’re lazy, but it sure is handy! The only thing they don’t like is that each unit is big enough to cover both plugs in the outlet, so they can’t plug anything else in. Since we have power strips galore, it’s not really an issue, but you should know they cover the whole two outlet plug.