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Great Way to Turn On/Off Lights with a Little Remote

If you don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the light when it’s chilly, or if you’re sick or have a disability that makes getting up to turn on/off lights difficult, I would recommend this item. All 3 function well, as does the remote controller. Even if the remote is not facing or pointing at the outlet, it works. Mine is plugged in behind a large piece of furniture and it still works.

The only thing I really hate about it is the huge size of the outlets – when you plug it into the wall outlet, it is so big that it partially covers the other socket, making it unusable. A power strip could remedy this. Oh, and the 12volt battery is weird. It would be easier if it used a AA or AAA but so far I have not had to replace it in 8 months of daily use.

Arrived on time, work as expected. Come in handy for hidden sockets you can’t get at. i installed strip lights in my armoir and didn’t want to have to turn 3 lights on so i plugged them all into one socket and use one of these to turn them on. i have another for a fake fireplace i don’t want to crawl on my knees to turn on every time. good for christmas lights too.

It turns the vacuum on to scare the cats when they try to wake us up in the middle of the night. The cat knew to run away when we walked up to turn on the switch so now he does not expect it. Has worked perfectly for us.

This one works every single time; I am using it to turn outside christmas lights on, which are plugged in in the garage. On a 30ft distance, through 4 walls, this one still works perfectly.

Install included batteries, plug in and you are done! I watch where my money goes, and this is one of the best investments I have made in quite some time. It works as advertised!

I could hardly do it. Unfortunately they did not serve our purpose – we bought them to use on tvs but the tvs won’t turn back on once the power has been cut and restored unless you use the remote or button on the tv.

It’s simply a modern marvel. In fact, it is my go to conversation piece whenever friends and family come over. They’re always very impressed. It’s white, you plug stuff into it and it has buttons (three I think). It also has settings and stuff I think. I mean, it could be better if it had wolves or a whale on it, so four out of five possible stars for this little gem.

Easy to use, reliable, not finicky in its functionality. Yes, the plugs are bulky, but I have other stuff plugged in beneath it and no issues there. Very happy with this purchase and it’s great if you have, say, 2 people in the same room who might independently want to control the same lights or other appliances.

Absolutely Great Prank Unit

Incredibly simple, you plug it in, you plug your item into them, you now have remote controlled electronics. We hooked our bosses monitors up to these things and could control his screens from across the room. Absolutely hilarious prank for the 2 months before he figured it out (someone left his monitors off for the whole weekend so he investigated and found them). The remote control works way further than you would expect it (through walls and all). They are a little bit bigger than you would expect so don’t expect to get all three of them on a power strip if that is your plan.

do what I did, have the xbox go though these. I tell my son to turn it off and come to dinner.. i wait 2 minutes, then I hit the button to turn it off. He learns. Never late to dinner any more, if I tell him to turn it off… it goes off. I have the other attached to the wifi in the house, so if he is on the computer or his phone. I hit the button.. bam.. no more internet. The range is pretty far also.

The only bad point is that I had to write on the remote which button is on which appliance.

Couldn’t be any more happy with a single product. My wife’s mother who is old, a drunk and obviously deaf and annoying has nothing better to do than to blast the TV 24 hrs a day; so this product not only allows me to shut the TV off but also all the power going to the TV so I’m the only one who can turn it on. I actually get a kick out if it because she’ll just sit there literally for hrs watching a blank screen in anticipation of the TV fixing itself. Which it does after I wake up from a good nights rest

My only slight gripe is that the remote has a curved back not flat. We are going to attach the remote to the wall with some double sided tape and Velcro. We will still be able to get the job done just not as we expected.

It would be nice to have some sort of combo where you get the three plugs and two remotes but so far these have performed just as we hoped.

Very simple to use — plug and play! I use this to control the bedroom lights (I hate having to get out of bed to turn off the light). The only drawback is the product is pretty big so it’s difficult to use both of your outlets.

They still work great. I bought this 3-pack for another lighting project in the house. It’s a super convenient way to unclutter wiring for lighting with on-cord rotary switch or lamps that are not so easy to reach.

The 4-star rating is only because these tend to be bulky on outlets, I have a couple of workarounds that are a bit clunky that provide a little more access to the second AC receptacle on the wall outlet, and it’s an easy tradeoff for me given how nice it is to have the handy 3-in-one remote and how reliable these switches operate.

Extremely Convenient

They’re all pretty much the same thing. Battery included and everything. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

My father has them set up all over his house and I have a set in my livingroom. it has a long range – will go through walls. as other people said, it does cover up the second outlet which is a pain in the butt. I love this and would recommend it.

Can’t beat the price for a great little automation gizmo. Wife loves it – we can light up the counter in the kitchen and 2 Curio cabinets with them. Everyone who’s seen it says they want to get one (and have).

These worked instantly and very well. They are pretty big, so don’t plan on using the other plug unless you run an extension (probably ill advised). The remote is curved, so I can’t hang it on the wall like I did the last one. Now I have to walk one whole step into the room. I think I’ll live.

First off, the socket switches are much larger than I expected and limit your ability to use the other socket in the outlet (if you have 2 like most outlets). For example, I could plug in another lamp below the switch, but my Ipad charger will not fit due to switch bulkiness. Second, the 3 button control is not flat on the back, its concave. To most this is not a big deal but I wanted to attach it to the wall with Velcro. I was still able to do so but it doesn’t stick nearly as well as a flat back remote would have with less Velcro space to hold it.

These switches have been a lifesaver. I attached a piece of velcro to the back of the remote and stuck it to the wall. Now I can use the remote like a light switch, or remove it from the wall and use it as a remote.

That’s where these babies come in handy. I can be as lazy as I want and with the push of a button, my fan / lamp is off or on. Or they can be used for something else, either way they are convenient.

I wouldn’t really recommend buying these for that purpose. If it’s in the same room though, you should be good to go. Please be aware these have some phantom power drain, but it likely doesn’t amount to more than a few pennies a year.

I’ve read reviews that said some of these didn’t work – mine all worked right out of the box and still work after several months of regular use (I use them for paintings with lights and buffet lamps). Very convenient. No issues so far, knock on wood!

Very Useful Device

I like to sleep when the room is cold but getting up is a different story. It’s hard for me to get up when it’s cold i… Makes me lazy and sleep more. Every morning I have to get up turn on the heater then go back to bed then get up again when its warmer. Now I have this all i need is to press the turn on button with out getting up from my comfortable bed and blanket. Then get up after 5 mins. I know Im lazy… but I really like it.

I suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months, so I add lots of light to my living space. If you are a renter, you are unable to (or it would be disadvantageous to) install lighting, so your only other option is to purchase plug ins which is while these bad boys are so darn handy! Simple set up. Lights controlled by a remotes within minutes!

I park my diesel some 100 feet from the house and I can remotely open my garage door, and because of the in use indicator light, turn my engine block heater on/off without having to endure the inclement weather. Used the others around the house…….too cool.

The devices make a clicking noise but only when the button is pressed so that is perfectly fine. The units themselves are rather large, but that is to be expected given the Amperage rating. I would/will be buying another set because these are so convenient for turning lamps on and off.

The only downside seems to be how bulky they are. If you aren’t able to plug it into the top outlet (if your outlet was installed upside down or you lack room above the outlet due to furniture or whatever) it will cover the entire outlet because of just how big they are. Other than that, they’ve been great and have done exactly what I wanted them to.

I use mine every day. Only two cons that I’ve come across:

1. the plugs are MASSIVE. and 2. the battery is not a standard size so when it comes time to replace it, that might be a challenge. Also getting the battery into the remote was quite a challenge but not a huge deal. I couldn’t do it properly so the cover doesn’t fit back on.

Again. for the money this is good solution. If I had paid any more than $15 then I probably wouldn’t give it four stars.

i did not want have to run down the stairs every time i wanted to switch the cameras on or off (i need to reboot them like once a week, sigh i know……) and the other ones i have till now (i think from x10) used to stop working on occasions, the reason they didn’t work is not because of the “distance” because the basement is just a few feet under where im standing in the kitchen its just that all the concrete and insulation seemed to make the signal fain every so often so i went for this unit.

this unit work flawlessly! so this review is not targeted at the distance of the product but rather about the fact that it seems to send its signal through walls and floors pretty well. for me that was a plus

Works Like a Charm

I have one plug behind my refrigerator in my apt and even from the front door it works!

I have a few soft (Mood) lights on a power strip hooked into a remote socket and never had a problem.

they work through walls as promised…and none of the three remotes messes with any outlet that it’s not supposed to…simple, good price, and a lot more fun than reaching under a lamp and fishing around for the switch

I do wish that sometimes it came with 2 clickers. I also wish that it didn’t take up so much space on the outlet. It does allow you to free up one of the outlets but it is really tight space. It would so cool to maybe put the controller horizontally instead of vertically?? Still a great product. I bought my first one at harbor freight tools but since they didn’t have it the 2nd time I ordered it from amazon for slightly more money.

It is very easy to install and use. Only one negative I think it has is, no local switch on module. I would recommend to consider this point. Because if you do not have access to remote, you will end up switching the power off to the module. Instead, if it had a local switch on it, it would have been better.

The outlet we use for lights is behind our couch. So, each night they must be unplugged and it has become a hassle, as we age. These sockets will allow us to turn those pretty lights off/on with no problems at all. I’m quite sure we’ll find two more outlets that will aid us in turning things off/on. They got here in good time and they do what they say they do. I would use this company again. This is a GREAT price for these three. Get them, you will NOT be disappointed.

It was a small inconvenience but it just bothered me every time I had to fish around for the knob. This gadget made my life a lot easier. The buttons don’t feel sturdy but I haven’t had one problem. I just wish they weren’t so bulky.

I don’t have a pool table light but i do have a plug on the roof, so, I pluged in a spotlight and aimed it at the table for now…cheap a i know but instead of climbing up there over and over I use this remote and wa-la. Also use it to turn on a lamp in the bedroom….and the 3rd I’m using it for a water fountain in the backyard. Remote works awesome even through walls.

These items have been around for awhile and make it very easy to control multiple items from one remote. I use them for lamps mostly, but they are the most convenient controllers to own. The price is very reasonable too.

They work exactly as they are supposed to. I used 2 of them to plug lamps into in our living room so I no longer have to try to reach over tables to shut them off.

Easy Central Control of My Office Lights!

I’m surprised at how quickly the unit showed up [2 days] since I only picked standard delivery. I’m using two of the outlets for the string lights and the other for my LED projector. I was tired of reaching up to push the power button to turn it on and off. I’d order this again to use for seasonal lighting, but I might end up controlling my existing set! I will at least recommend the product.

I’m visually handicapped, and I have three plug-in lights in various corners of the room that I call my office at home. One light is a long stretch to turn on, one has the switch lying on the floor (in-cord switch), and one is one the back corner of my desk and I have to reach over my sound speakers and control to get at the in-cord switch.

At first I was upset since I couldn’t find the battery, but my wife spied it in a corner of the box. Very small, an odd battery type, I’m very glad I bought the 3-pack WITH the battery included. The remote has a small door (typical for battery-operated devices) that we couldn’t find at first and was very hard to open, but once I managed to slide it open it worked smoothly after that.

So now I have a little (about the size of one of those big packs of chewing gum) control sitting on a corner of my desk. The 3 outlet controls are numbered, so all I have to do is remember 1 is the corner, 2 is the floor lamp, 3 is my desk lamp … and voila!

A few drawbacks that keep me from rating this as a five.

#1: The instructions should state exactly what the battery is. When I need to replace this battery I plan to bring the entire remote along to one of those battery stores and just show it to them. But I’d appreciate more info about it.

#2: The battery cover was VERY hard to slide off (and I have huge strong hands).

#3: The three remote boxes (in my opinion unnecessarily) cover BOTH of the outlets when plugged in. It would be much nicer if the prongs were on one end of the box, so I could plug something else into another outlet. In one case I needed to use a small extension cord to make everything work.

#4: My obsessive tidiness doesn’t like having the remote just floating around. I really wish it came with a holder or something I could have screwed into the wall near the door to the room.

HOWEVER … it does exactly what I wanted it to. I’m already thinking I’d like to get another one for another area of the house, and I’m wondering if they operate on different frequencies or something so they wouldn’t interfere with each other.