Daily Archive: December 4, 2013

Awesome, Especially for Lamp-lit Homes

In old homes without well developed lighting and switches, these are awesome – instead of walking around rooms to turn on the rare lights (our basement is poorly lit with light switches literally in 3 opposite corners only), we use these and lamps and control everything easily. These program really easily and work great. Never had a problem. You can program multiple “outlets” to the same button, so that you can turn groups of outlets on and off from a single button. This is great. Each outlet can have two “buttons” programmed to it.
The only problem is with this “button” programming. The way I planned to use this was to have outlet sets 1-4 for buttons 1-4, then use 5 as an “all on” option. The problem is that the remotes aren’t equal to each other, and the remotes can’t be programmed. So, to make the remotes equal (button 1 and remote A and B turns the same set on), you’ve already used the two buttons available (i.e. the outlet responds to remote A button 1′s frequency 100, and remote B button 1′s frequency of 200). This is no problem except that I wanted to have an “all on” option, which would then require a third frequency, which the outlets aren’t capable of.
Other than this, the product is awesome, I have multiple sets in our old home and I will buy more if I ever need more.

that brand required 4 different remotes to operate 4 strings of LED lights throughout our travel trailer. We ordered these and received them quickly. 15 minutes after we opened the package (which was short one battery, but a quick call to Etekcity and they linked our Amazon order to our address and promised to send us a couple of batteries), the system was up and running.

Programming was easy and straight forward. Now we punch one button and all the lights come on, push another and all are off! In addition, we can program the other buttons to operate singles strings of lights. Simple to operate, simple to set up, responsive and courteous customer service. What more can we ask for? Only have had them a few days, so can’t attest to durability, but we will keep you posted (both on the batteries, and the how well they hold up.

Very nice feature. I use these for lamps, fans, my DVR (because it locks up if not power on and off every few days) and a few other things. With one button you can turn on/off several things at once.