Daily Archive: December 24, 2013

Great Way to Turn On/Off Lights with a Little Remote

If you don’t want to get out of bed to turn off the light when it’s chilly, or if you’re sick or have a disability that makes getting up to turn on/off lights difficult, I would recommend this item. All 3 function well, as does the remote controller. Even if the remote is not facing or pointing at the outlet, it works. Mine is plugged in behind a large piece of furniture and it still works.

The only thing I really hate about it is the huge size of the outlets – when you plug it into the wall outlet, it is so big that it partially covers the other socket, making it unusable. A power strip could remedy this. Oh, and the 12volt battery is weird. It would be easier if it used a AA or AAA but so far I have not had to replace it in 8 months of daily use.

Arrived on time, work as expected. Come in handy for hidden sockets you can’t get at. i installed strip lights in my armoir and didn’t want to have to turn 3 lights on so i plugged them all into one socket and use one of these to turn them on. i have another for a fake fireplace i don’t want to crawl on my knees to turn on every time. good for christmas lights too.

It turns the vacuum on to scare the cats when they try to wake us up in the middle of the night. The cat knew to run away when we walked up to turn on the switch so now he does not expect it. Has worked perfectly for us.

This one works every single time; I am using it to turn outside christmas lights on, which are plugged in in the garage. On a 30ft distance, through 4 walls, this one still works perfectly.

Install included batteries, plug in and you are done! I watch where my money goes, and this is one of the best investments I have made in quite some time. It works as advertised!

I could hardly do it. Unfortunately they did not serve our purpose – we bought them to use on tvs but the tvs won’t turn back on once the power has been cut and restored unless you use the remote or button on the tv.

It’s simply a modern marvel. In fact, it is my go to conversation piece whenever friends and family come over. They’re always very impressed. It’s white, you plug stuff into it and it has buttons (three I think). It also has settings and stuff I think. I mean, it could be better if it had wolves or a whale on it, so four out of five possible stars for this little gem.

Easy to use, reliable, not finicky in its functionality. Yes, the plugs are bulky, but I have other stuff plugged in beneath it and no issues there. Very happy with this purchase and it’s great if you have, say, 2 people in the same room who might independently want to control the same lights or other appliances.