Daily Archive: December 15, 2013

Reliable, Long Battery Live, and Versatile

I have used them nearly every day since without any problems. They do, however, have a couple of flaws. Mainly the units are huge and will dominate any wall outlet. I usually use them with a 6in extension cable and don’t have any real problems. Also the remote takes a truly oddball battery, but I haven’t had to replace it yet so I can’t complain too much. I would buy this again.

I had seen a similar product advertised as a great solution for a Christmas tree; it allows you to turn the tree lights on without battling to get to the outlet. Well… you can use one remote with 3 different outlets, so we now have 3 separate light fixtures on this little remote. Each one is in a different part of the den and two in particular are difficult to reach. Now we turn on/off whichever light, or two or all three, effortlessly. We want more!! My husband now wants one for his office!

For a fraction of what rewiring those outlets would have cost I use a single remote from my porch to control everything. Dependable, economical, with a great range, the 3 Outlet Super Switch by DSI was the best choice for me.

If you press the button quickly, the light on the remote will light up, but nothing happens on the receiver side (most likely either remote is not sending the signal or the signal is not sent for a long enough duration for the receiver to pick it up). However, if you press and hold the button for a short period of time, it seems to work flawlessly. I’ve tried it through walls, outside from a reasonable distance, etc and so long as I pressed the button for longer than just tapping (e.g. press for a half second or so) I had no issues.

I have a lighted curio cabinet with the switch inside the cabinet. To use the light, I had to sqeeze around the furniture, open the glass door, find the switch (without knocking over anything inside), close the door (without breaking the glass) and squeeze back. It was such a hassle that I never bothered to use it. Now I just click a button on the neat, compact remote. I also had the same proplem with my Christmas Tree lights. This year, I look forward to NOT shimmying under the tree on my stomach every time I want to light the tree.

I recommend keeping the remote in the same place all the time – you’ll never want to turn anything on/off the regular way again!

I plugged my christmas houses into an extension cord and then plugged the extension cord into on of the outlets so that all house work on one switch. It is awesome!