Daily Archive: December 17, 2013

Nice Remote Switch, Very Helpful

Now instead of having to wander round the room turning lights on I just flick the room switch and every lamp comes on together. No setup hassles, just press a switch on this device then hold the light switch for 10 seconds and the two are linked together. No addressing, no reliability issues, it just works. So much better than X10.

I live in a ~2500 square foot loft with ceiling outlets, so it’s needless to say that i was relieved to find a product like this one.

So far, the range of the wireless remote is quite impressive– 30 feet away through a wall (these are rf as opposed to infa red, so line-of-sight isn’t required) is no problem.

I was initially put off by the reviews mentioning having to walk right up to the outlets, but being stubborn took a gamble on them. Not sure what the case is in these other reviewers– the outlets work great, even from far distances/through walls. perhaps they were running into radio interference of some sort?

I recommend keeping the remote in the same place all the time – you’ll never want to turn anything on/off the regular way again! I plugged my christmas houses into an extension cord and then plugged the extension cord into on of the outlets so that all house work on one switch. It is awesome!

I didn’t have any issues with the battery compartment on the remote, as some of the other reviewers did, and I’m not trying to control anything through the wall so range hasn’t been an issue. My biggest complaint is that the outlet boxes are obscenely large, and the plug is oriented such that if you’re plugging this directly into a wall socket, it will block both outlets. Also note that they require 3-prong outlets, so if you’re thinking about using a multitap extension cord, it will have to be 3-pronged as well. This may work best plugged into something like a PowerSquid.

The only draw back for this particular style is that the units are very large. They have been used daily for many months now and have worked beautifully. Some reviews mentioned the difficulty in putting in the batteries and I would have to agree.

The two cons are the following: (1) The remote has only a single button for each outlet versus a separate on and off (this makes a difference if you cannot see the light and just want to be sure it is off). (2) The socket outlet is huge and you can barely plug another item in the empty outlet.

if you want this get it it is the best outlet controler i have ever had.i love it. i dont just use it for turning stuff on and off i also use it for pranling people:p i also like how this has this has a switch on the device its self so you dont have to use the remote an inch away. so i think you should get it i love it and i hope you love it.