Daily Archive: December 31, 2013

Works as Promised

I use them for all of my christmas lights, garlands, etc around the house that are plugged in. Works great, no complaints. Responsive. Exactly what I was looking for. (suggest getting as many plugs as possible, you’ll end up using more than you think!)

Works even if you control the units from the other room! Only issue I found is the size, they still make this prodcuts very bulky! I dont care but I could be a 5stars if the size was more on the small size.

Ever since Time Warner Cable bought out Insight Communications (near Louisville, KY), I have had my internet connection drop out at least once per day. I have my cable modem plugged into one of these remote power outlet switches so that when my internet connection drops out, I don’t need to go to the basement to powercycle my modem.

I have recessed sockets in my floor so I had to get an extension to plug this into, but once I did it works great. Love the remote – makes it convenient for my living room light and bedroom light that have hard to reach switchs – I just use the remote and they work great.

For some reason our home has very few wall switches and installed lighting. We must use lamps to light our home. It’s pain to go around turning each light off individually (one room has 6 lamps). These make it simple and are a new necessity in our home.I love being able top walk in the front door or any room and use a switch to turn on a light instead of stumbling through the dark to the lamp.

Easy setup, just hold the learning button on the side and choose your button on either remote. Was planning on using at two different locations, but now I think I’ll buy another set. Very convenient.

My daughter has one of those elevated beds so we wanted to have an easy way for her to turn her lamp on/off when she’s up in the bed. This is perfect and the price was right.

Programming is easy, you can have them each on their own channel, or put them two or three on the same channel. I do have a little problem with the second channel sometimes turning on the third channel too, not turning it off, just on. One of the remotes I received is a five channel remote, not sure why I got that, but at least it works. I feel sorry for whoever needed five channels and only got three. Over all, I am very pleased with my purchase, they make life just a little easier!