Daily Archive: December 14, 2013

Best Beal Ever

Unit said used refurbished. But when I got it there was not a scratch or Ding it was perfect. It was shipped super fast it works perfect I love it I might even buy another one. When I say one I mean the total product. It came with three outlets switches and one remote it’s a beautiful product I just can’t tell you buy it if you can.

I use these devices to “unplug” my home theater projector when it is not in use. I can go one to two weeks without watching my home theater projector, and because the retro-fit installed electrical outlet is on the ceiling, I wanted a method to completely disconnect the projector from the house current for surge protection. While I have a surge protector between this outlet and the projector, there is no better surge protection than unplugging the electronic device entirely- which this does! When there are lightening storms and I am at work or away on a weekend, I don’t have to worry if my projector is safe from a lightening strike with this. Do not hesitate to buy it.

Hurricane Sandy blew threw with some power surges, but my equipment (home theater projector, amplifier) was safe- safer than anything plugged into an outlet- thanks to these devices. I have read other reviews that their devices failed; my are working great. They are large and consume a single gang outlet giving you only one working outlet, but you can use a short multi-outlet extention cord if need be. The large size of this device is apparently the price paid for the confidence of not risking your equipment.

The remote is nice and compact, but the actual switches themselves are very bulky and can take up a lot of space. They sometimes end up covering up an extra outlets because of how bulky they are, and on power strips they can even take up three outlets all together.

Now they don’t have to stumble in the dark to walk across the living room to turn on a lamp, they just reach for the remote thats place near the entrance when they first walk in. These were a pleasant surprise item from Eforcity. I wouldn’t plug in large appliances(A/C) with this as they are meant for lamps and such. Another good use was xmas lights inside the apt.

It works exactly the way I need it to, and there hasn’t been any part of it that has made me regret buying it. I’ve had it for over a year now, and I haven’t even had to change the battery in the remote yet, and I use this thing every day over and over again. Now if you are trying to get something professional, than this probably isn’t the way to go. I use it in my bedroom. Only for the reason that the remote is made of cheap plastic, but the plastic is sturdy, and while your using it, you don’t notice anything about it feeling cheap. Overall, this is a great product, I would buy it 100 times, and it just makes life easier.

ch of the units for the lamps in her room allowing her to push a button on the remote to turn lights on and off. The product works great, just plug it in and go. She has been using it for a few months now and it is still working great. My mother-in-law thinks it’s great.