Daily Archive: December 27, 2013

A Very Happy Receiver of My Christmas Gift!

I spent over $200 on other brands that didn`t work. It works at a great distance. It uses a 9v and that`s the reason I only gave it four stars and it it`s so large it covers both outlets. It should only use two AA batteries. 9vs are expensive. The prongs are strong that hold in the batteries. Mine came with 2 remotes that work independently. The dude that dropped his is blaming the company for his error. The other review complained about the metal clips. The clips are strong and do the job. I bought a multi plug outlet and snapped it in and then plugged the remote in sideways. That left room for another outlet. It works through walls also. This is a quality product and I don`t believe the negative reviews. There`s enough positive reviews to back it up. Keeping the product and getting a refund is a multi billion dollar scam. I dropped mine on a tile floor and it still worked. Had to pop the cover back on. update-had this for awhile and it still works good. The cover is looser on one remote than I like so just used a piece of tape. It is the best I have ever found.

Comes with battery in the pack. The only issue (though not a big one) is that the plug is a bit big in size. So if you plug it in, you cannot use the adjacent wall sockets. But not a big deal though.

I was able to find a smaller unit at Lowe’s, so I’ll just use this one for my Christmas tree instead of year-round lamp use.

It worked but there was a Prop 65 warning on the packaging that it was made with toxic materials known to cause cancer and birth defects, and that you should “wash your hands after using it”!! (Probably made in China!) That went straight back! Then I ordered this product and I couldn’t be happier.

It comes packaged in a very nice manufacturers box and looks and feels like a very high quality item. The remote works with a 9V battery, included, which is really nice as 9V’s last forever. The battery is in the remote but is wrapped in plastic, so open the cover (slide the lower portion downward to reveal the battery) to unwrap and install it.

In addition to controlling the off/on by the remote, there are off/on switches on the AC adapter. I guess this could come in handy if the remote’s battery died and you didn’t have a spare on hand, or if the remote was misplaced temporarily.

The AC adapter does take up a lot of space but I have a power strip plugged into the wall, and the AC adapter plugged into the power strip, so that wasn’t an issue for me.

Now I can turn my fan off and on from my recliner and wouldn’t be happier. Also, I emailed Elekcity before my purchase with a question and they answered immediately and were very nice. I would buy from the company again in a second.

Now I can turn my fan off and on from my recliner. :)