Daily Archive: December 22, 2013

Extremely Convenient

They’re all pretty much the same thing. Battery included and everything. Couldn’t be more satisfied!

My father has them set up all over his house and I have a set in my livingroom. it has a long range – will go through walls. as other people said, it does cover up the second outlet which is a pain in the butt. I love this and would recommend it.

Can’t beat the price for a great little automation gizmo. Wife loves it – we can light up the counter in the kitchen and 2 Curio cabinets with them. Everyone who’s seen it says they want to get one (and have).

These worked instantly and very well. They are pretty big, so don’t plan on using the other plug unless you run an extension (probably ill advised). The remote is curved, so I can’t hang it on the wall like I did the last one. Now I have to walk one whole step into the room. I think I’ll live.

First off, the socket switches are much larger than I expected and limit your ability to use the other socket in the outlet (if you have 2 like most outlets). For example, I could plug in another lamp below the switch, but my Ipad charger will not fit due to switch bulkiness. Second, the 3 button control is not flat on the back, its concave. To most this is not a big deal but I wanted to attach it to the wall with Velcro. I was still able to do so but it doesn’t stick nearly as well as a flat back remote would have with less Velcro space to hold it.

These switches have been a lifesaver. I attached a piece of velcro to the back of the remote and stuck it to the wall. Now I can use the remote like a light switch, or remove it from the wall and use it as a remote.

That’s where these babies come in handy. I can be as lazy as I want and with the push of a button, my fan / lamp is off or on. Or they can be used for something else, either way they are convenient.

I wouldn’t really recommend buying these for that purpose. If it’s in the same room though, you should be good to go. Please be aware these have some phantom power drain, but it likely doesn’t amount to more than a few pennies a year.

I’ve read reviews that said some of these didn’t work – mine all worked right out of the box and still work after several months of regular use (I use them for paintings with lights and buffet lamps). Very convenient. No issues so far, knock on wood!