Absolutely Great Prank Unit

Incredibly simple, you plug it in, you plug your item into them, you now have controlled electronics. We hooked our bosses monitors up to these things and could control his screens from across the room. Absolutely hilarious prank for the 2 months before he figured it out (someone left his monitors off for the whole weekend so he investigated and found them). The control works way further than you would expect it (through walls and all). They are a little bit bigger than you would expect so don’t expect to get all three of them on a if that is your plan.

do what I did, have the xbox go though these. I tell my son to turn it off and come to dinner.. i wait 2 minutes, then I hit the button to turn it off. He learns. Never late to dinner any more, if I tell him to turn it off… it goes off. I have the other attached to the wifi in the house, so if he is on the computer or his phone. I hit the button.. bam.. no more internet. The range is pretty far also.

The only bad point is that I had to write on the remote which button is on which appliance.

Couldn’t be any more happy with a single product. My wife’s mother who is old, a drunk and obviously deaf and annoying has nothing better to do than to blast the TV 24 hrs a day; so this product not only allows me to shut the TV off but also all the power going to the TV so I’m the only one who can turn it on. I actually get a kick out if it because she’ll just sit there literally for hrs watching a blank screen in anticipation of the TV fixing itself. Which it does after I wake up from a good nights rest

My only slight gripe is that the remote has a curved back not flat. We are going to attach the remote to the wall with some double sided tape and Velcro. We will still be able to get the job done just not as we expected.

It would be nice to have some sort of combo where you get the three plugs and two remotes but so far these have performed just as we hoped.

Very simple to use — plug and play! I use this to control the bedroom lights (I hate having to get out of bed to turn off the light). The only drawback is the product is pretty big so it’s difficult to use both of your outlets.

They still work great. I bought this 3-pack for another lighting project in the house. It’s a super convenient way to unclutter wiring for lighting with on-cord rotary or lamps that are not so easy to reach.

The 4-star rating is only because these tend to be bulky on outlets, I have a couple of workarounds that are a bit clunky that provide a little more access to the second AC receptacle on the wall outlet, and it’s an easy tradeoff for me given how nice it is to have the 3-in-one remote and how reliable these switches operate.

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