Daily Archive: December 20, 2013

Works Like a Charm

I have one plug behind my refrigerator in my apt and even from the front door it works!

I have a few soft (Mood) lights on a power strip hooked into a remote socket and never had a problem.

they work through walls as promised…and none of the three remotes messes with any outlet that it’s not supposed to…simple, good price, and a lot more fun than reaching under a lamp and fishing around for the switch

I do wish that sometimes it came with 2 clickers. I also wish that it didn’t take up so much space on the outlet. It does allow you to free up one of the outlets but it is really tight space. It would so cool to maybe put the controller horizontally instead of vertically?? Still a great product. I bought my first one at harbor freight tools but since they didn’t have it the 2nd time I ordered it from amazon for slightly more money.

It is very easy to install and use. Only one negative I think it has is, no local switch on module. I would recommend to consider this point. Because if you do not have access to remote, you will end up switching the power off to the module. Instead, if it had a local switch on it, it would have been better.

The outlet we use for lights is behind our couch. So, each night they must be unplugged and it has become a hassle, as we age. These sockets will allow us to turn those pretty lights off/on with no problems at all. I’m quite sure we’ll find two more outlets that will aid us in turning things off/on. They got here in good time and they do what they say they do. I would use this company again. This is a GREAT price for these three. Get them, you will NOT be disappointed.

It was a small inconvenience but it just bothered me every time I had to fish around for the knob. This gadget made my life a lot easier. The buttons don’t feel sturdy but I haven’t had one problem. I just wish they weren’t so bulky.

I don’t have a pool table light but i do have a plug on the roof, so, I pluged in a spotlight and aimed it at the table for now…cheap a i know but instead of climbing up there over and over I use this remote and wa-la. Also use it to turn on a lamp in the bedroom….and the 3rd I’m using it for a water fountain in the backyard. Remote works awesome even through walls.

These items have been around for awhile and make it very easy to control multiple items from one remote. I use them for lamps mostly, but they are the most convenient controllers to own. The price is very reasonable too.

They work exactly as they are supposed to. I used 2 of them to plug lamps into in our living room so I no longer have to try to reach over tables to shut them off.