Daily Archive: December 18, 2013

Works as Intended, Christmas Lights

I bought this to attach to a Christmas tree in my house, and for Christmas lights that i have lining my gazebo (which i use all year). All the outlet controllers work fine. I am able to turn the gazebos lights on/off from inside the middle of my home. That means the signal goes through two walls and about 20 feet outside to the gazebo. The outlet that is outside is wrapped and tied in a plastic bag as well to protect it from moisture which further shows the range and power of the remote. It does not require line of sight like a tv remote. I can’t speak about the longevity of the product because they are new but i will update if they die. As for their form factor, They take up an entire outlet which many complain about, covering the second outlet besides the one they are plugged into. I would recommend simply using an extension cord. My mother has bought two sets of similar products from a local retailer. Hers were cheaper and didn’t cover the second outlet, but both remotes died within the year she got them and she had to buy a new system, leaving her with extra outlet controllers. This is a different brand so i am hoping to not suffer from a broken remote like her. They are labeled to easily know which one is which. In the end, the only negative is their size or else it would be a 5 star.

These are the perfect solution. I have owned two sets for over a year. The switch’s battery lasted 9 months with pretty heavy use; the other is still going strong. The farthest socket is about 25 feet from the switch, and we never have a problem with reception.

I recently bought a third switch set for another room, but somehow the frequency bled into one of the original two sets (the frequencies were labelled exactly 1000 “units” apart). The seller was very good about responding to my problem, assured me that this is rare, and I returned the product for a full refund before buying a replacement. This speaks to two points: the seller is great at customer service, and the range of the switch is very good, even through one or two walls. The new switch only interfered with the nearest two lights, so with two walls in-between, I would guess the max range is about 45 feet — YMMV.

I use this remote to control the lights in our bedroom, so far I have used two out of three and both remotes works well. I also want to credit the manufacturer for including a battery in the remote controller and saying so in it’s description of the product. I had a remote, different brand, the same packaging, three socket oulets and one remote. Two out of the three remote socket oulets failed in just over a year. So I am keeping my fingers crossed how long this brand would last.