It’s as Great as Everyone Says

No more turning on a light to find the light you really want to use , and they work great. i have one to light my cd’s , one for a dim mood light and one for reading light , saves a lot of time walking around a room.

Use on my Christmas tree each year also. Don’t have to grope around among the presents and needles to find the . Bought one for my Mom also because her hands are no longer strong enough to turn the on her lamps. She can push the button now to turn on her lights.

I’m on disability and have a hard time getting out of bed, so I set up a bright light on one unit, a floor fan and my oxygen concentrator (which is in a different room due to it being noisy).

By being able to turn the oxygen unit off in the morning (which I usually forgot to do), this has saved me quite a bit of money.. actually paying for itself by next month.

No problems with the remote or frequency interference as others have mentioned.. Happy camper here.

It’s the first of several similar devices I’ve bought that actually works as advertised, and very well at that. If there were a six-star rating this one would get it. I just bought another I’m going to use to control my outside Christmas lights nest year. I will probably order a couple to give as gifts to my friends who ‘have everything’.

Others said that you have to be right next to it, but I am not seeing what they see. I have had zero problems with them. The only issue that I have with the items is that they are the size of a coke can. Check the images above as I added some. Oh and the battery in the remote is a very strange size. I wish they opted for AAA, but its some funky sized one. All in all, a good deal if you have the outlet space to use it.

I am disabled from a stroke suffered 3 years ago and although I can get around, my movements are very slow. I have a light I keep by my bed, but it is difficult to reach it when I need to get up during the night. I was thinking about getting a light to attach to my bed, but when I saw this product, it seemed to fit the need. It was very easy to install and has worked so well. I keep it on the bed beside me, so there is no having to get up and reach for the light. Such a comfort!

She is a little slow and unsteady moving around. I used each of the units for the lamps in her room allowing her to push a button on the remote to turn lights on and off. The product works great, just plug it in and go. She has been using it for a few months now and it is still working great. My mother-in-law thinks it’s great.

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