Awesome DSI Outlet Wireless Remote!

FYI, if they are unpowered the default is for them to shut off when you restore power to the plug, so you have to use the to get the lights, etc, working. I use them to individually control lights that otherwise would all go on at the same time, but I shut the power to the outlets off when not in use.

I am very happy with my purchase. Wife was not convinced but she now appreciates not have to manoeuvre behind the furniture to turn on /off the light. I told her we needed this gadget – I was right ! (for a change!)

Then I decided to buy this one. I’m glad I did. This one is built more sturdy and so . I can be quite a distance away from the light source and it goes on right away when I click my remote control. I am very,very pleased with this set. I’m going to order the 5 pack right after I’m done with this review.

Now, we can turn both on and off with the simple click of a button on a remote. The third outlet is used for our TV set up, because it saves energy to cut all of those electronics off while not in use. The buttons turn on the outlets with no delay; we even tricked a few friends and family by making it seem like it was voice controlled with the remote in our pockets.

They nearly block out the other plug in the outlet. Kind of inconvenient. But, they function nicely. I have 3 different lamps plugged into these units, and I can use the single remote to turn them off or on. Kind of neat! The remote is nice and small, but those wall units are ridiculously huge. I’ve had a remote- set before that wasn’t nearly as cumbersome as these are. But, it does work just fine.

I was in need of a light switch, since my apartment is not equipped with ceiling lights, much less wall-mounted light switches. I needed to be able to turn on lights without having to cross a darkened room tripping over furniture. The DSI Outlet’s remote activated outlets came in super . Especially since I can plug a into the outlet and be able to switch off several things at once. Also it gives me the ability to be able to remotely activate lights in other rooms as I move from one to the other; very useful when shutting things down for the evening.

So I bought it. After it arrived, I admired it’s appearance, it looked sturdy and carried through the U safety grounding principle. So I put it to work. It did not false trigger, but reliably turned remote items on and off just as I had desired. I then congratulated myself on just having one of the best purchases of my life. house and just loves it. Now if she could only control me….

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