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The range is good (all 3 function from the driveway), but not quite sure if the 100 ft is accurate (only the foyer lamp location will work from the street).

As someone stated before these cover the other outlet on a typical wall plate just enough to make you briefly question the design (hence the 4 stars). You can possibly force another regular plug under it, but it’s risky…and probably not so safe. Keep that in mind if you have limited outlets like I do. They are also bulky and probably won’t work as well behind a cabinet unless you use a flat-ish extension cord like I did.

The manual on/off buttons are good to have, and not all outlets have them. All outlets and remotes have been working good for a few months now. Every now and then you may need a second click to engage one or the other. No biggie.

The only reason why it lost a star is because of its size. The receivers are about 2x5x2 inches (w-h-d) which is big especially if you want to plug them in a tight spot.

Walking around the dark room was hazardous. We bought a wireless from local hardware, but it never worked quite right. It would go on inthe middle of the night for no reason and it cost over twice what this cost. The Etekcity solved all our problems. The switches and remotes work perfectly, every time, no problems with outside intereferece. The cost is less than half what I paid for inferior products at the big chain hardware store. Batteries were included, packaging was perfect.

Mine had things missing, and amazon helped me with the return process. But for the few days I tried with the single remote it was pretty cool, and works very well in a small enclosed environment

These work super! Used one remote with two outlets in the bedroom and the second with one outlet in the basement. The two remotes can control all three lamp outlets and the signal carries from the main level to the basement. Just plug them into the outlet, plug in the lamp and they are ready to go. I used a little art putty (available at office supply) and stuck the remote to the wall next to the door. The putty is easily removable and does not stain. Allows me to pull the remote off to change the battery then stick it back. I plan to buy another set for the bedrooms upstairs.

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