So Simple, It’s Fantastic!!

Plug your item in and the Socket will automatically cut power after the setting time expires. When ready to restart the time again, just press the on top of unit and power is reactivated for the duration of the time set. Only feature I would incorporate is to have a to turn off the power to override the preset time. As it is now, you must unplug the  Socket from the power source to turn it off manually. Not a big deal, but would be convenient if you could just hold down the top for more than 6 seconds to have unit turn off.

Works as described. I do wish the green light would stay on even when the switch was off, so you could see it in the dark, but that’s not what the product was described as.

I was a little skeptical about this b/c of the mixed reviews. Like the other switch this also has a Led on the switch which is brighter but my Kill-A-Watt meter does not register it as it draws very little power. So why did i give it 4 out of 5 stars, well b/c of the design. It is too big in that it covers the socket above so you have to mount it at the top socket. Second the time interval is not adjustable and there are only 3 preset times. The 1/2 is great but it would have been nice to have an hour as well. I will see how long this lasts and report back with updates in the future as people have reported failures with this product. If it lasts I will change my rating of 4 to 5 stars as the preset times alone is not a reason to take a star away.

I bought 2 for my kitchen appliances and one for my light in my garage. It’s just a switch with LED that illuminates when it’s ON. Yah, so … but so effective! In the past my wife and I would literally yank the power cords out of the wallsockets for our portable water boiler and toasters before leaving the house. You know, applicances these days are cheaply made using cheap parts. Who knows if it will start a fire while you’re out and about. Burn down a whole house due to a faulty $0.25 switch? no way!! With this switch, it works as added insurance with ! No need to pull power cords out of the wall sockets. Just turn it off when you leave the house. done. very clean and easy and my boiler and toasters are completely turned off. :)

I use this in my garage for my wall heater. Timer works fine. Timer can be set 1/2 hr, 3 hrs, and 5 hrs. It does the job and at $10 bucks, why not buy it.

I used it for switching my microwave off so the clock and the humming it made would stop. Mission accomplished. It is easy to switch it back on when I use it. Now I have to find other ways to stop other energy vampires.

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