Daily Archive: March 11, 2014

Perfect for Charging My Cellphone at Night

Whenever someone forgets and leaves the iron on the tip gets ruined. Newer irons of this brand shut off automatically but we can’t really afford a new $500 iron. So, I bought this little socket and voila: no more trashed tips. It has paid for itself about 5 times over in the first week or two of ownership.

My daughter does this constantly and I am so tired of finding the iron on later in the day or the next day. This device works great for us now. I dont have to worry about the iron being left on and she’s content since the 30min setting seems to be just right for her needs. Now I’m looking at ordering even more of these things for other energy suckers that I have around the home as well -like my son’s Xbox.

I use the smart power strip in my living room so if the TV is off it cuts power to all the other devices (PS3, XBOX, Receiver…) so they don’t vampire power. I want to get a couple extra of these and another smart power strip for my computer and charging station. I love saving energy, even though it will take a long time to make up the cost of these devices.

It helps to convert your sockets in easy switch on / off bottons for many porpuses. Greate quality, easy and practical packaging. Don’t a bit to purchase it. The only small detail is the price, if you can get it as cheap as you can (the price sometimes dicrease for almost a dollar)

Instead of allowing the battery to charge for an extra x number of hours (slowly damaging the battery) this product lets you set .5, 3, 6 hour intervals until the outlet turns off. I find 3 hours is more than ideal to let my cellphone charge overnight.

Works fine, doesn’t hog space on power strips, and is more solid than traditional toggle switches. My one criticism is the excess cardboard in the packaging; it contradicts the energy and resource saving intent of the product.

Very often I leave my home in a rush and forget it on. This little thing really solved my problem (and money). I use it in 1/2hs setting and voila, problem solved.

Along with many other cost-cutting measures, but when I was visiting it was a pain for me to reach the outlet and awkward too. He said he really likes it. Music to my ears. Should last, good name.

She plugs it in, does her hair, then leaves it plugged in. All day. While nobody is home. You come home from work to find a funny smell inside your house. You then realize the iron was on all day and even turned a part of the bathroom counter brown/black. You COULD tell her to try to remember to unplug it, but you know you’d feel more comfortable just making her use one of these bad-boys. Plug the hot iron into this device. Push the button. Do hair. Even if the iron gets left on, the timer shuts off on its own before your house goes ablaze. $10 timer plug vs cost of a new house. Do the math! (and hey, you could use this for other stuff, like a soldering iron, for example.)