Daily Archive: March 12, 2014

Simple, Good for Rechargeable Devices

It worked exactly as it was designed to do, that is only be active for the designated time. I have it set at 3 hours, which is more than enough time. 1/2 hour and 6 hours are the other choices. It does not block the other electrical socket from being used.

I am using this with an AC power 92mm fan. I have a subwoofer that gets EXTREMELY hot when in use and standby… Actually it’s known to fry eventually because there is no airflow going into the sub… thanks to the company saving $2 worth of parts you end up with a $400 sub that dies years later.. I’ve gone through 4 of them so far, luckily it’s been replaced..etc. That being said I installed a 92mm AC fan inside the subwoofer so that it exhausts the hot air OUT so it doesn’t act like an oven and keep cooking everything… I have the little fan plugged into this and then I just simply switch it on when I turn my speakers on.. it’s great. I was planning on tieing the AC fan into the psu on the subwoofer but I didn’t want to start soldering and doing all sorts of things in such a tight cramped space… This works perfectly! I do however wish it would make this just a TAD smaller.. in my opinion it’s a little wide… if it was just slightly smaller I would really like it more and it would get 5 stars. Does what it says!

And in case you don’t know, it is not good for these rechargeable batteries to frequently overcharge. It shortens their lifespan over time. So this outlet does a bit to prevent that for me. You can set it to stay on for 30 mins, 3 hours, or 6 hours. After setting it, plug in your device. Press the grey button (seen at the top in the picture) to turn the outlet on. It will then stay on for whatever length of time you set it at.

The only minor issue I see with this is remembering to press the button to turn it on when you want to use it. I generally leave mine set at 3 hours since that is enough time to recharge my phone. I just have to press the button each night when I plug the phone in.

If you have a use for this (it is certainly a niche product), such as preventing overcharging of rechargeable batteries, it’s a great little device.

I have just a couple of comments about it, which are the reason of avoiding filling the fifth star. There is no a timer reset button, you have to unplug it and plug it again in order to do the reset, and also it should have an additional 9-hours option. I am quite happy with it, it remembers and awares me about reducing electrical power consumption…. :)