Daily Archive: March 17, 2014

Simple and Effective

Both my daughter and I have forgotten to turn off our curling irons on several occasions. It’s no longer a problem. I set the switch for 30 minutes and leave the curling iron plugged into this. I still try to remember to turn it off before I walk away but when I forget this automatically turns it off for me.

I use it mostly to charge battery packs that don’t want to be continually charged. I set it for 6 hours and it’s ready when I need it without wasting electricity. I’ve bought other products and been happy with all of them.

I’ve been satisfied with the outcome, though I haven’t really done an analysis of how much it’s affected my electric bill. I give four stars only because the options–1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours–are too limited. I would like to see more options in the next rendition.

I use it for my coffee maker. All I have to do is set up my coffee morning or the night before, Set the time wanted 1 1/2, 3, or 6 hours to keep my coffee going. This relieve the issue of not leaving my coffee maker on when it automatic shut down after the set time allow reach its limit

Since it is Daylight an hour or so after that, the lamp is wasting energy. I used the Outlet in the closest lamp to my front door. I set the timer to the lowest setting and it works great! Do not have to fumble around getting out the door.

This is a great way to turn them off with confidence and save money. Sure, you could always unplug the appliances, but that’s inconvenient and, more importantly, it places undue stress on the plug, which can lead to an early demise for the appliance. (Just ask my vacuum cleaner with the missing prong.)

One is a D2A converter so we can plug a pair of headphones directly into an AppleTV. Everyone once in a while the box stops working, and I got tired of feeling around the back of the cabinet for the power plug, so I put in one of these outlets. Now, I just have to flip a simple switch to reset the thing. Much easier, thanks!

I bought them for myself and my parents as xmas gifts. They love that it can save energy without them having to remember to unplug their devices.

The energy monitor allows me to figure out exactly how much energy a device uses in real time to estimate how long my batteries will last. Additionally, it’s fun to see how much it costs a month or year to run devices, and makes you reconsider your energy usage.

Much easier to flip the switch than to keep pulling a plug out. I use this for an undercabinet light with a switch that is hard to find. Also great for a popcorn pumper. Four stars only because the switch could be better designed, and I would like to see a version with the switch on the other side so you could choose based on your circumstances. Product seems to be working fine after a month. A’>If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!