Daily Archive: March 16, 2014

Works Great for My Curling Iron!

Once you press the button the socket is on, and if you press the button again the internal timer resets to the total time the time selector is set to instead of switching the socket off.

Set the switch on the side to the desired time, push the button on top, and walk away. Doesn’t get much simpler than that! And unlike conventional timers, this one will not turn on again in 24 hours. Once the timer stops, it will not re-engage until you press the start button on the top.

I use mine for my media tumbler when cleaning brass. I would like to see it add a couple of features though…

1. Add a couple more time increments to the side selection switch other than 1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours. It would be nice to see 1 and 2 hour options as well.

2. Re-design the *ON* button on top to allow the user to toggle *ON/OFF* The only ways to stop this timer from running once you have started it is either let the time run out, or unplug it from the wall.

On more than one ocassion I have inadvertently left the lead pot plugged in after I was finished the casting session. I purchased the Conserve Socket to turn the lead pot off in the event I failed to do so. It has made my casting activities safer in that the outlet will turn the lead pot off if I forget to do so. After a fair amount of research I found this device to be the least expensive and least labor intensive way to automatically shut off my lead pot.

I would like if there was one available that had a glow in the dark button when it’s turned off, for putting onto a fluorescent lamp I have that doesn’t have an on-off switch.

It has a simple operation and the looks are ok. I use this for a space heater that hums too loudly for me to sleep. I set the timer for 30 minutes so the heater doesn’t keep me awake for long.

I need switches to not doing that all the time and this one which looks really nice and safe satisfy me. Any way I think it should be about $4 because its just simple switch.

I bought one for my grandmother who has a habit of leaving her curling iron plugged in all of the time, and who has actually left in the middle of church service to go home and make sure she didn’t forget and leave it on.

The only drawback I see is actually one that is mentioned in the product guide (so no real surprises I guess) – and that is, due to it’s size it has to go in the top outlet, and only really allows a normal sized plug to be inserted into the bottom outlet. If you have something with a larger than normal plug, this won’t work for you in that outlet. And unfortunately for us, my grandmother does have a non-standard sized plug to go into that outlet – therefore she can’t use this item.

If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!