Daily Archive: March 5, 2014

Good for Arthritis

Has an on/off switch, and emits a pleasant clear green glow when on. I use one for my microwave to stop it from flashing messages at me (and turn on a light bulb to warn me that the door is open) when I expect it to be off, and another on my Toaster McMuffin Maker to keep it from sucking in watts for the 23.5 hours a day when not in use. Some fellow shoppers have complained that these things cease functioning or otherwise malfunction after a spell. I’ve been using my two for a month now and I hope they never give me any grief.

I use this product on my radio. I set the outlet for 30 minutes and use it at night so I can listen to the radio for 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I also have another one in the bathroom to control my toothbrush sanitizer. After 30 minutes, it goes off and does not stay on all day long or until the next time I use it.

I turn off the switch in the morning and turn it back on when I use it to heat up my bedroom. I also use one in the kitchen for my hot water kettle. I turn off the switch for safety reasons. I do not want to accidentally turn on the kettle when there is no water in it. Great product.

This just makes it convenient without having to tug at my cell phone plug all the time. I have arthritis pain in my wrists, so it’s much easier for me to flip a switch than grab and pull at my power cord. I don’t use this on my computer mostly because it’s plugged into the surge protector. It’s a great switch if you know anyone who has arthritis issues or just appreciates the convenience of a switch.

I toss my equipment on a rack and hit the button on the unit to power the fan. I can set it and forget it. My hockey equipment dries 10x faster and the fans turn off automatically after the time I set. I used to have to let fans run all night because my games end late, but now I’m saving time and energy.

So far it seems to work great. She was a little concerned about 1/2 hour being too short of a time, and unfortunately there is no way to adjust the time beyond the 1/2 hour, 3 hour, and 6 hour times, but so far it has been fine. It’s a good concept, and it is nice that it draws zero power after it shuts off (not that that is very applicable to curling irons and straighteners).

I was a little surprised at how bulky it is, but it doesn’t block the outlet below it, so that is nice. The green light is also so dim that I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was on or off at a glance.

Overall this is a good product. It’d be nice if it was trimmer, more adjustable, and the green light actually lighted, but for the price it’s a great way to keep your house from burning down. Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this was helpful!