Daily Archive: March 23, 2014

Great for Normal Electonics

The only improvement I would like is to have more options for time. 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours (I think) are a little narrow. I want to use it for 1 hour in a couple of applications. Maybe in the future. Did I mention simple?

I use it for the microwave, so the clock is not always on. Also the coffee pot and a hot water pot that has no way to turn it off except for unplugging it. Two fit nicely in one receptacle. I like that the switch glows green when power is on.

They produce quality products that last throughout the years. This particular device is also high quality and is very useful. It comes in 6hr, 3hr, and 30min settings. I use it for my room mobile heater and hard drive duplicator. Works great!

My primary use is to prevent over charging of phone batteries. Its a lot cheaper than buying new phone baateries!

I believe in full cycling batteries, regardless of claims that this is unnecessary. This product is perfect as a timer for charging for the period of time specified. I do use it in conjunction with a surge suppressor as we have a problem with power surges. I am very pleased with the product. It is exactly as described.

I am surprised that my computer with a 600 Watt supply and with four hard drives and three extra cards plus four USB drives only uses 300W or so continuous but that adds up to over $200 a year. I cannot wait to test our 35+ year old 25 cuft refrigerator and my 65 inch rear projection screen with router, cable box, HTPC, PopcornHour and DVR stacked on top. It will be eye opening. I have no idea how accurate it may be but it is good relative.information anyway. I think I will test a couple of “known” items and see.

Has 3 different length of time to charge settings. I like having to manually activate it after plugging your device into it. Keeps from overcharging your devices if that is what you are using it. Will definately buy more plus the price was right!

After we are finished flying, he plugs in a device that heats and dries the engine block to prevent moisture from corroding the battery and other engine parts. This is perfect because is turns off after a couple hrs. PERFECT!!!

I ended up buying two of them (and probably will get more soon) to just provide a simple light switch. One to my DIY under cabinet lighting, and another to control a hanging China Ball Lantern that had the switch at the socket. It works exactly how you would want it to and fits in the outlet nicely (not protruding out to the side too much). You can feel that it’s built well just by holding it, and I can tell it will last me for a long time.