Daily Archive: March 25, 2014

Never Stress about Leaving on Your Flat Iron!

I keep my flat iron plugged in on the 30 minute setting. Of course I still turn off the iron when I’m done using it, but now I don’t stress about accidentally leaving it on all day while I’m at work.

I use it to charge items that don’t shut down the charging on their own, I have a hair trimmer, drill etc that don’t regulate their own battery and just charge until you stop them. That kills the battery if you forget to unplug.

If you plug in your local KW/Hr cost it will calculate an items power expense very accurately. I have found it is a device that gets used rarely and gets stored in a closet though. All in all you’re better off getting a friend to buy and borrow it ;-)

That’s a nice idea, but after awhile, it takes up desk space and I’d like to be able to have it wall mounted, but the way it’s designed, you can not easily do it.

I also didn’t care for the power/connector cable on the plug in portion, that wire sticks out of the top…soooo, either you use the top outlet or you fumble around to plug in the next device. Seems it would be wiser to have that cable coming out of the side or bottom, so you can use the bottom receptacle on a two gang outlet…BUT, that’s personal opinion, as I assume just as many people may prefer it coming from the top to give them a longer reach.

The electric icon button – displays watts consumed.

The earth icon button – displays the amount of CO2 emissions you’re intentionally generating that will destroy our environment and ultimately our world – shame, shame, shame.

THAT SAID, I like this device and it seems to do a good job at calculating energy use. I have used it to measure individual items and on the collective total of several items on a UPS power strip…removing each item one at a time from the power strip, provides about the same reading as individual readings, so it seems pretty accurate.

Seriously, it does give me an awareness of the energy consumed and food for thought on which items are the biggest power hogs…which leads to turning off those extra items more frequently when not in use…so, it does its job.

Either way, this plug extension allows you to plug in that phone or ipad and charge it only for the necessary time. It’s also great for lights you’re afraid you might leave on.

However you choose to use it, turning on a plugged-in electronic is as easy as pushing the button at the top.