Daily Archive: March 2, 2014

Electronic Vampire Slayer

I can now easily turn of my TV and components after using them and leave them off 20 out of 24 hours. Also using one on our coffee pot, eliminating that energy drain too (It has a digital clock). Love, love, love this switch!

Just set the $/KWh and then you’re ready to go. I plugged my home theater power strip into this and it shows me how much electricity my whole setup uses. The long cord attached to the screen is nice and you can leave the device on a desk or table while your electricity socket is further away.

Its a little wide but it only covers one outlet and it should fit well anywhere. my favorite part is the switch itself. The switch flips easily and clicks making it easy to tell it has been activated. The light on the switch is also great to confirm if it is on or off without any guessing.

I always felt guilty for leaving my night stand lamps and such plugged in (never enough to unplug them) so I thought I’d give this a go. My energy bill has gone down and I loved it so much that I just bought another one for the kitchen. I’ll probably end up buying another one next year, besides with the energy savings it pretty much paid for itself several times over. As you saw with the other reviews it’s a no brainer to use and easy on the eyes. Buy a couple you won’t regret it!

After scanning for vampire devices using the Beling energy monitor I settled on installing thie first switch in my Keurig – which appears to draw 5-10 watts even when turned off. Looking to get another one for a fan we have in the hallway for white noise for the kids – the switch makes it much safer for them to turn it off and on.

I have a multi-adapter plugged into this switch which then goes into the outlet and with one click I can turn off all the devices connected to the adapter via this switch. This gives a nice alternative to using a power strip with a off/on switch.

I hated that it drew electricity even when I wasn’t using it. Then I got one for the flat iron and the clothes iron. I have a large closet where my ironing board is up all the time but the iron is rarely used. Thirty minutes is more than enough time and this allows me to leave the house with no worry that an iron was left on. I use on also on the bedroom TV. I set it for 3 hours but usually I turn off the TV earlier. I like that it stops the draw for the rest of the night/day when the TV is not used at all. I would improve it with an “off button” but it’s not too hard to reset by pulling it out of the socket. Rarely do I need to stop it anyway. Just a nifty discovery for me!