Daily Archive: March 13, 2014

Simple Solution to a Simple Problem

In order to prevent them from draining electrical power unnecessarily they need to be unplugged when not in use. This is where the this power switch comes in.

I purchased this to use with my USB wall charger that stays connected to the wall outlet 24/7 even though it’s never charging any device for more than a few hours a day. This ¬†product makes it much more convenient by just flipping the switch instead of having to constantly plug/unplug the charger from the wall to prevent it from continually draining electricity. When I’m ready to use my charger I just flip the switch and when my charger is done charging my phone or whatever device I flip the switch to turn it off…no more wasting electricity while plugged into the wall while not being used.

Great for conserving energy!! Want to buy more for around the house! I also have the timer plug which is great for refreshing batteries and electronics.

I use these wherever I have chargers. Chargers for shavers, toothbrushes, waterpiks, battery chargers, drill chargers. Particularly since overcharging batteries can damage them, it saves energy and increases lifespan of batteries. They could be used with humidifiers or air purifiers. Basically anything that can handle shutting off unexpectedly. Set the duration, tap the button. Need it to go a little longer, tap the button again.

It wears out the cell phone batteries if you leave them charging too long. With this little device we plug-in our cell phones before bed and it automatically shuts off in 3 hours, so we wake up to fully charged cell phones and we are saving electricity and the cell phone battery itself by not leaving it plugged in all night. I especially want my kids to go our the door in the morning with fully charged cell phones, so we can keep in contact during the day. No more excuses that my phone wasn’t charged. Shipping etc by Amazon was quick and reliable….

This device calms a lot of otherwise frayed nerves.( I’ve found she unplugs the iron anyway, but the safe feeling is still there.)

I used to unplug electronics (fans, laptop, taoster, etc) when not using them so I didn’t expect to get too much utility out of this switch (I purchased it accidentally when purchasing something else and Amazon told me to keep it and refunded me rather than send it back) but the switch is a little nicer than having cords laying on the ground near outlets. So I guess if you want to cut off power to your devices and gadgets but really don’t want to plug/unplug them, this is a useful, cheap solution. The switch on the side even glows green when it’s on for a visual cue as well. Good product.