Daily Archive: March 18, 2014

15 Amp 1875 Watt Rating, Grounded, and a well thought out illuminated switch design

The design is good as it allows you to plug in two on the same outlet without interfering with eachother. Further the large offset to the left allows you to plug in large transformer type plugs while still maintaining easy access to the switch.

With a capacity of 1875 Watts (15 amps at 125 Volts) this can handle most household appliances and power equipment. In addition to being a power conservation tool, it can function as a secondary safety switch.

You set the timer on the side, and hit the button on the top. Done. It keeps my cellphone from over-charging, which is why most people’s batteries stop working or won’t hold charge. This is a great product that’s extremely useful.

my electrical bill has decreased a lot after using it… i leave my iPhone or my laptop and it’s stop charging in the time indicated… so that’s mean less money in the electrical bill.

It worked fine while it did. Just after 1 year of daily use, it just broke. The design can be better. If the socket where you plan to use it has the ground “up”, just like it happened to me, I had to put it upside down, so the activation button was not visible and the on light was hard to see. Also, I think it’s a bit bulky and that could also be improved. I don’t know yet what kind of warranty it has, so I can send it back or get a replacement, but for the price, all the effort might not be worth it. I don’t understand why it just broke like that.

So many times, I worried that one of us forgot to turn it off creating a fire hazard. Now we both use the outlet and it will turn the flat iron off for us if we forget. No more worries!!

It’s simple to operate and works well. As others have mentioned, it has only three options for time (30mins, 3hrs and 6 hrs), which is pretty restrictive. This could be overcome if it were designed so that multiple taps of the ON button would be additive for time (eg, with the time setting on 30min, tap the on button twice for 1hr). Other than that, this is your basic workhorse outlet timer.

It would be nice if it had a reset button to reset the timer once it was running. Currently you have to unplug the socket to get it to reset.

I bought this so my shop air filtration system could be left on intentionally and shutoff after one of the pre-determined times (1/2, 3, 6 hours). The system plug fit in snugly and in a test the outlet cut the power to it in 1/2 an hour as advertised. I’d give it 5 stars if there was a dial that permitted any time from 1/2 an hour to 6 hours. There probably isn’t enough real estate to do it but it would be nice. Good product.