Daily Archive: February 26, 2014

Works Fine, but the Power is in Your Hands

I used it as the kill switch for our charging station, which charges all our iPhones, iPods, iPads, and supplies power to our printer and handheld vacuum, among other devices. They draw a lot of unnecessary current when we are not home, so this is an ideal place to use a device like the Power Switch during the day when power is not needed. Of course because this is a strictly manual switch, you run the risk that if you forget to turn it back on at the end of the day and just plug in your phones, etc., then of course your devices will not get power and will fail to recharge overnight. This happened to me a few times already. So while this Power Switch does exactly what it is supposed to, you need to remember to turn it back on if you use it in a situation like the one I described. The Power Switch might also be useful when you leave for trips, etc. however in that case it may be just as easy to unplug your power cords from their wall sockets as the net result will be the same.

It is a vert trusted and high quality manufacturer of electronic peripheral devices and accoutrements. Get this and use it with confidence. Save energy ( & money on yiour electric bill) by plugging into this switch. Pays for itself in no time!

Plug this in and flip and switch on the side and no more vampire sucking energy is used when an appliance is off yet still plugged into a socket. Flip the switch and the plug is live and ready to use. I love this and would use them in every room in the house. My kids liked it too.

Not that the action itself is annoying, but repeated plugging and unplugging causes wear on the outlet prongs over time, and I don’t want to draw phantom/vampire energy by keeping the charger plugged in. Besides, keeping things plugged in all the time doesn’t feel safe especially when the power supply gets warm even when your device isn’t connected.

This completely solves the problem, and helps save some dough on the electricity bill. Plug the switch into the outlet, plug the charger into the switch, and now I can simply flip the switch off when I’m not charging up the laptop, or any electronic equipment for that matter. I could see it being handy in the kitchen for your toaster, blender, microwave — you get the idea. Perfect for small spaces where you don’t need a giant 6-outlet strip getting in the way.

The switch is translucent with a green LED inside, so when the switch is on, it’s easy to tell that it is, even in low light. I am going to order a couple more for around the house. A great buy!