Daily Archive: February 17, 2014

Eats Electricity for Breakfast!!

I have been using it with my heating blanket at night. While the blanket itself shuts off after 8 or 10 hours, I don’t need it on for that long. I plug it into this adapter, hit the green light and it stays on for however long I set it for. I’ve also been using it to charge my cell phone or computer. Things that I often forget are plugged in and get over charged.

The timer is easy to use; there’s a switch to set the desired time, and one obvious button to activate the electricity flow. It’s a good product if you need to shut off an item after a certain period of time, like a phone charger.

The big complaint I will make, however, is that the timer is too crippled when it comes to the length of time setting: you can only choose from 30 mins, 3 hours, or 6 hours. That’s it. If Belkin could add an actual timer that you set your own time in, then that would be a major improvement. For example: I’m using this for my phone charger. I know my phone charges in 2 hours, so I’d rather have the timer shut-off after 2 hours instead of waste electricity for 1 additional hour.

Also, there is no “OFF” button or mechanism on the timer. The only way to shut it off is to unplug the unit. This can be a bit tedious, especially when the plug is in a tight space to reach into.

It is nice for seeing not only what an electical item uses in dollars but even more important it shows what the carbon data, and watts are. It can save us alot of money by showing the wastefull electrical appliances we might have.

Simply, plug it in and then plug whatever electronic device you wish to use with it. It will shut the power off in 30 minutes, 3 hours or 6 hours, depending on your selection. The selection is made via a sliding switch on the side of the unit.

In my case, I use a steamer and sometimes head to work, forgetting that the steamer is still plugged in. When this occurs, I’ve wasted electricy on a relatively high-wattage device for hours. I’ve also come home to find the steamer broken after leaving it on for so long and finally it could present a potential fire hazard (though not too likely). This Belkin device simply shuts down the power after 30 minutes per my selection, which not only saves money, but likely prolongs the life of the steamer.

I wish they made a double unit and maybe they do. But this items does what you expect it to and I recommend it.

it shut down like a drunk on New years Eve, just as advertised!!! Just make sure the outlet doesn’t get hot, test it every half hour or so as a safety precaution. Then after it’s off wait until the heater gets cool again. And there you have it, a truly deserving five-star product.