Daily Archive: February 14, 2014

Excellent Power Saver

It lacks any sort of archival features such as memory to save results or USB to computer data transfer, but for testing devices one at a time, this is an excellent device. The inclusion of a carbon-footprint mode seems silly, but for those that care about such things, it can be interesting to see. Overall, the product is excellent and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain insight on their electric bills.

It’s very helpful with something like a space heater or a vaporizer that you want to make sure is off after a certain amount of time. We’ve been using it with our space heater in the bedroom to warm up the bedroom while we’re getting ready for bed and after we go to bed, then it shuts off after we’re asleep. It has a half-hour setting, 3-hour setting, and 6-hour setting. Very handy, except I wish it had an 8-hour setting.

Some efforts have been quite expensive like installing all new heat pump and air conditioners while others have been small and simple such as power strips etc…

When this came up, I decided to give it a try as every little bit adds up. It’s super simple to install..plug it in, plug in the appliance or item, hit a small switch that acts like a timer. That’s all there is to it. It’s a great way to reduce those vampire watts without the headache or hassle of having to always unplug items.

Unfortunately there were two problems we encountered – one is with appliances without a solid memory storage that require reprogramming if shut down entirely. That is NOT the problem of this device but limited the use on some items.

Next, like many households we actually have a LOT of little items that could use this but even at a relatively low price, it would add up significantly to change over. Also, negating a plug was a little problematic in some areas. All in all, a nifty little device that works as advertised and is simple to install.

Most days I notice it, but still worry on the days I don’t look before I leave the house. The Belkin Conserve Socket is a robust timer that can run some heavier loads (such as a hair iron) without issue. In the morning, my wife presses the button on the top of the Conserve Socket and it allows her to power-up her iron and do her thing. When she is done, she shuts it off normally, but if she forgets, we don’t have to worry because the Conserve Socket will kill the power after 30 minutes (a value that you can select) For the money, it was nice because it eliminated a worry of mine and wasn’t too complicated to upset my wife.