Daily Archive: February 21, 2014

Glad It’s Simple, But Could Use a Couple Features

We use this hooked up to a power strip for our cell phone chargers, iPod charger and bedside table lamps. Turn it on about an hour before bed and turns off at what time we select. It is so easy to use and actually does turns off when it’s supposed to! I only wish it had two outlet holes and had an option for 8 hours(intervals are 1/2 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours) as I would like to hook it up to our sound machine.

If you are wanting to save energy on some outlets you know you use only at certain times like we do, purchase this! It is such a great, useful way to conserve just a little energy in your home (and some money on your bill!) Very happy with product and ease of getting the item out of packaging.

It was thrown into a paper bubble envelope which had been smashed and torn almost open. I was concerned that it would even work and I had to pay a lot for shipping. I ordered another one a few days later from another company for the same price and free shipping. This one came in a box inside of another box. I was shocked at the difference. I know where I will be ordering my future items from.

I like that it is simple. I wish they made one with a remote and/or a corded “button” to activate it, however, so it could be more easily activated. I also wish they’d let you use the start button as an on/off toggle button– currently, you can only cut the timer on by pushing the button, but hitting the button again will not cut it off; The only way to shut it off is to unplug it. I also wish they’d sell them in packs of 3 or 4 at a discount (maybe four for $25 or $30?). Easy to use buttons. The longer you leave it connected, the more accurate the cost estimate over time, as chargers for things like laptops and cell phones use different watts depending on how much of a charge they have. Having the display away from the wall is genius. Excellent purchase.

I would have given it five stars if the instructions had said that the green led that shows that the power is on is vey very dim once you have pressed the start button. Without that clarification, I was concerned that it wasn’t operating properly.

For the money it is a very good purchase. I would have liked the option to reset the timer without having to unplug the unit from the wall, but I suspect that that would have added to the price, so I can live with the shortcoming.

The cost of a kWh in HI is 28 cents, more than double most places on the mainland. Having a long cord on the unit allows me to check on the power usage without having to weasel around to read the device at the wall outlet. The unit can tell you how much you will pay for power used on a monthly and yearly basis. You can also update the power cost which is set by default at 11 cents per kWh.