Daily Archive: February 20, 2014

Better Than the Other One I Got

Incredibly simple to operate, just one button. The main problem is the fact that you can only choose between three different presets, but so far is working perfectly for me. I have one that I use on my crockpot, another one for my cell phones chargers and one more for a night light. Perfect to operate with stuff that does not have a timer integrated.

Over a year now with all five units I own, working perfectly. Ordering a couple more for cellphones since the ones I already have are now with my two laptops, a charger of tipical AAA and AA batteries and home appliances. My batteries last forever now that they are not overcharged. The simplicity of the product I once tought it was a drawback it is now the feature I like most. Good product.

My favorite use for this is in the bathroom where I have my flat iron- it is great peace of mind to know that it will be turned off after 30 minutes if I forget. It does really only work on the top plug as it would cover both if it were plugged into the bottom, so only one per outlet.

We’re using it on our electric toothbrush so it shuts off the power to it after charging (1/2 mode). We tested the other two time modes and they worked. My only complaint is that we can *barely* fit a plug into the outlet beneath. It made it but if that bottom plug was even slightly bigger, it would not have fit. I’m certain that Belkin will read this next sentence and act immediately :) Belkin…give the 3-prong plug a rotation feature (as has become ubiquitous these days), so we can plug it in upside down if we want. This will free up the bottom plug and/or allow us to use the bottom plug for your device (which will free up the top plug). Do this and the item will be perfect :)

It had an 8hour setting, and a ‘constant on’ setting. But I like this one more because the first button press is the pre-set time (the other one you pressed button til setting you wanted) and the button is easier to access on this model. Also it has half hour which is the setting I use and the shortest on the other one is an hour, but it had more time choices. Also the top-socket aspect is great. Be nice if it had a shorter time such as 5 min but as is, it’s a really good unit. I don’t really care about the “conserve factor” I use it for the temporary turn-on of heating elements such as toaster. The number one thing this unit lacks is a way to turn it off. It should be that if I hit the button again it turns it off. Also this unit is not grounded which is bad and means many appliances cannot be plugged into it safely.