Daily Archive: February 18, 2014

Great Way to Kill Zombie Power Users

The side switch allows reasonable time periods for live electricity. The light indicates whether the socket is live, and the top button is handy. It seems durable enough, and works best in those outlets that are easily accessible.

Now I hit the button, it charges for 3 hours, and then shuts off. The phone is charged, and the charger isn’t sitting there using up power when I don’t need it. I think it would be great for laptops, or any device that uses a charger. A lot of power in a home is used up by phantom consumers like cell phone, laptop, and other chargers.

I bought this to charge my cell phone after my first battery died from charging my phone all night long. When I needed to purchase a new battery I also purchased this. Your cell phone really only needs 3 hours to get fully charged and when you charge it for 8 hours it actually drains the battery. This device fits into a 3 prong outlet (the top being the better position). You can set it for 30 minutes, 3 hours, or 6 hours. You just have to remember to press the button at the top of the device to turn it on. Also, when this is off it doesn’t suck power. Great energy saver too.

You can set the timer for 1/2, 3 and 6 hours. It is totally quiet when it shuts off – no “click” or any noise that might wake you up if you use it in your bedroom. I only wish that there were a couple of more time settings. It would be nice also if there were a way to either shut off the outlet or reset the timer without unplugging it.

You just have to plug it into an outlet, and then you will be plugin into the monitor everything you have. This thing is addictive and useful, not only because you realize how much energy (and money) an appliance waste, but the carbon footprint too if you are sensitive and know that all we are heating our big home. All this just with the touch of the button with the icon of what you want to display. The cord that came to put the screen not in the outlet but at a place you can see easily the display is one thing that similar products don’t have, and really is very helpful if you don’t want to be on your knees every time you want to see what’s in the display.

Slide the switch to the desired time, push button, and voila! It works perfectly. It’s rated high enough that it will support any item you can plug into a regular outlet. It will even power heaters, toaster ovens, and any other high drain 120V device. It will also handle small items like chargers. It is indespensible to me for charging power tools. I have cooked a few batteries in my day by forgetting to unplug them after 6 hours, sometimes days later. They are then rendered useless, and this is a pricey accident. Set the Conserve to 6 hours, and worry no more. It is also great when I make Crock-Pot meals, cause I’ve never seen one with a timer. 6 Hours on high, roast is done. Now it’s worry free when I’m at work. It will even have had time to cool off to an edible temp by the time I get home. This is great, and I plan on buying more. You will easily earn back the $10 in energy, and definately $10 in lost frustration. I can’t wait for more models with more time settings.