Daily Archive: February 19, 2014

Coffee Cup Warmer Plate

I wish it had auto shut off, but since it doesn’t, this outlet timer really does the trick. I set it for 30 minutes and never worry about coming home to a hot countertop.

The only thing is that the 30 minutes isn’t long enough for a few things I use it for and the 3 hours is too long. Wish there was perhaps a fourth setting for an hour. But otherwise it works as promised and would have given it a 5.

I have several places where I’ve determined it will pay for itself in about a year’s time (for me, anything that uses about 10W or more). I have the first one hooked to my modem/router.

I recommend using a Kill-a-Watt or similar device to check for devices which have a high parasitic drain (cost money to leave plugged in). New devices are good at using near-zero power when off. How can you tell without such a device? Feel the case or feel the black box that plugs into the socket. If either is warm after the power’s been off for 5 hours or more, it’s probably robbing the bank.

The plug does intrude on the neighbor plug in a few places I want to put it. I also wish it could be turned off with a push of the button.

I’ve verified the power consumption is essentially zero. That’s good news, because most people will use it to save energy usage.

When Amazon took my return, it was easy, quick and gave me lots of options (refund/replacement, shipping methods that didn’t cost me anything). I highly recommend buying items “fulfilled by Amazon”.

I’ve purchased the Simple Touch C30002 Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet, Single Setting as well as receiving a working replacement. I have to say I like the Simple-Touch product much better. The red LED is much easier to see than the faint green LED. Also, pressing the button a second time turns it back off. It allows me to make better use of the second socket as well. The only downside is it does not have a selector switch, it’s fixed at 60 minutes (a number I like). This other product has so many plusses, I don’t think I’ll be missing the slide switch on the outlet or the extra few buck it cost.

It is ideal for both: my coffee maker does not have an automatic shut-off, but when it is plugged into this device, it will get shut off at the plug in the time frame I choose, in this case the 1/2 hour setting.

For the home phone charger, I used to plug it in to charge and then forget about it for days. If the phone is charged but the charger or transformer is hot, you know you are wasting electricity, especially since we don’t use a home phone much so it doesn’t need to keep charging. By using this device, I can plug in my phone charger and set it to the three hour mark, knowing I will get a full charge but not leave it on needlessly, wasting electricity.

It doesn’t have any fancy features but at this price, it does exactly what I want it to without the clunkiness and clicking of a manual timer.