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15 Amp 1875 Watt Rating, Grounded, and a well thought out illuminated switch design

The design is good as it allows you to plug in two on the same outlet without interfering with eachother. Further the large offset to the left allows you to plug in large transformer type plugs while still maintaining easy access to the switch.

With a capacity of 1875 Watts (15 amps at 125 Volts) this can handle most household appliances and power equipment. In addition to being a power conservation tool, it can function as a secondary safety switch.

You set the timer on the side, and hit the button on the top. Done. It keeps my cellphone from over-charging, which is why most people’s batteries stop working or won’t hold charge. This is a great product that’s extremely useful.

my electrical bill has decreased a lot after using it… i leave my iPhone or my laptop and it’s stop charging in the time indicated… so that’s mean less money in the electrical bill.

It worked fine while it did. Just after 1 year of daily use, it just broke. The design can be better. If the socket where you plan to use it has the ground “up”, just like it happened to me, I had to put it upside down, so the activation button was not visible and the on light was hard to see. Also, I think it’s a bit bulky and that could also be improved. I don’t know yet what kind of warranty it has, so I can send it back or get a replacement, but for the price, all the effort might not be worth it. I don’t understand why it just broke like that.

So many times, I worried that one of us forgot to turn it off creating a fire hazard. Now we both use the outlet and it will turn the flat iron off for us if we forget. No more worries!!

It’s simple to operate and works well. As others have mentioned, it has only three options for time (30mins, 3hrs and 6 hrs), which is pretty restrictive. This could be overcome if it were designed so that multiple taps of the ON button would be additive for time (eg, with the time setting on 30min, tap the on button twice for 1hr). Other than that, this is your basic workhorse outlet timer.

It would be nice if it had a reset button to reset the timer once it was running. Currently you have to unplug the socket to get it to reset.

I bought this so my shop air filtration system could be left on intentionally and shutoff after one of the pre-determined times (1/2, 3, 6 hours). The system plug fit in snugly and in a test the outlet cut the power to it in 1/2 an hour as advertised. I’d give it 5 stars if there was a dial that permitted any time from 1/2 an hour to 6 hours. There probably isn’t enough real estate to do it but it would be nice. Good product.

Simple and Effective

Both my daughter and I have forgotten to turn off our curling irons on several occasions. It’s no longer a problem. I set the switch for 30 minutes and leave the curling iron plugged into this. I still try to remember to turn it off before I walk away but when I forget this automatically turns it off for me.

I use it mostly to charge battery packs that don’t want to be continually charged. I set it for 6 hours and it’s ready when I need it without wasting electricity. I’ve bought other products and been happy with all of them.

I’ve been satisfied with the outcome, though I haven’t really done an analysis of how much it’s affected my electric bill. I give four stars only because the options–1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours–are too limited. I would like to see more options in the next rendition.

I use it for my coffee maker. All I have to do is set up my coffee morning or the night before, Set the time wanted 1 1/2, 3, or 6 hours to keep my coffee going. This relieve the issue of not leaving my coffee maker on when it automatic shut down after the set time allow reach its limit

Since it is Daylight an hour or so after that, the lamp is wasting energy. I used the Outlet in the closest lamp to my front door. I set the timer to the lowest setting and it works great! Do not have to fumble around getting out the door.

This is a great way to turn them off with confidence and save money. Sure, you could always unplug the appliances, but that’s inconvenient and, more importantly, it places undue stress on the plug, which can lead to an early demise for the appliance. (Just ask my vacuum cleaner with the missing prong.)

One is a D2A converter so we can plug a pair of headphones directly into an AppleTV. Everyone once in a while the box stops working, and I got tired of feeling around the back of the cabinet for the power plug, so I put in one of these outlets. Now, I just have to flip a simple switch to reset the thing. Much easier, thanks!

I bought them for myself and my parents as xmas gifts. They love that it can save energy without them having to remember to unplug their devices.

The energy monitor allows me to figure out exactly how much energy a device uses in real time to estimate how long my batteries will last. Additionally, it’s fun to see how much it costs a month or year to run devices, and makes you reconsider your energy usage.

Much easier to flip the switch than to keep pulling a plug out. I use this for an undercabinet light with a switch that is hard to find. Also great for a popcorn pumper. Four stars only because the switch could be better designed, and I would like to see a version with the switch on the other side so you could choose based on your circumstances. Product seems to be working fine after a month. A’>If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!

Works Great for My Curling Iron!

Once you press the button the socket is on, and if you press the button again the internal timer resets to the total time the time selector is set to instead of switching the socket off.

Set the switch on the side to the desired time, push the button on top, and walk away. Doesn’t get much simpler than that! And unlike conventional timers, this one will not turn on again in 24 hours. Once the timer stops, it will not re-engage until you press the start button on the top.

I use mine for my media tumbler when cleaning brass. I would like to see it add a couple of features though…

1. Add a couple more time increments to the side selection switch other than 1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours. It would be nice to see 1 and 2 hour options as well.

2. Re-design the *ON* button on top to allow the user to toggle *ON/OFF* The only ways to stop this timer from running once you have started it is either let the time run out, or unplug it from the wall.

On more than one ocassion I have inadvertently left the lead pot plugged in after I was finished the casting session. I purchased the Conserve Socket to turn the lead pot off in the event I failed to do so. It has made my casting activities safer in that the outlet will turn the lead pot off if I forget to do so. After a fair amount of research I found this device to be the least expensive and least labor intensive way to automatically shut off my lead pot.

I would like if there was one available that had a glow in the dark button when it’s turned off, for putting onto a fluorescent lamp I have that doesn’t have an on-off switch.

It has a simple operation and the looks are ok. I use this for a space heater that hums too loudly for me to sleep. I set the timer for 30 minutes so the heater doesn’t keep me awake for long.

I need switches to not doing that all the time and this one which looks really nice and safe satisfy me. Any way I think it should be about $4 because its just simple switch.

I bought one for my grandmother who has a habit of leaving her curling iron plugged in all of the time, and who has actually left in the middle of church service to go home and make sure she didn’t forget and leave it on.

The only drawback I see is actually one that is mentioned in the product guide (so no real surprises I guess) – and that is, due to it’s size it has to go in the top outlet, and only really allows a normal sized plug to be inserted into the bottom outlet. If you have something with a larger than normal plug, this won’t work for you in that outlet. And unfortunately for us, my grandmother does have a non-standard sized plug to go into that outlet – therefore she can’t use this item.

If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!

So Simple, It’s Fantastic!!

Plug your item in and the Socket will automatically cut power after the setting time expires. When ready to restart the time again, just press the switch on top of unit and power is reactivated for the duration of the time set. Only feature I would incorporate is to have a switch to turn off the power to override the preset time. As it is now, you must unplug the  Socket from the power source to turn it off manually. Not a big deal, but would be convenient if you could just hold down the top switch for more than 6 seconds to have unit turn off.

Works as described. I do wish the green light would stay on even when the switch was off, so you could see it in the dark, but that’s not what the product was described as.

I was a little skeptical about this b/c of the mixed reviews. Like the other switch this also has a Led on the switch which is brighter but my Kill-A-Watt meter does not register it as it draws very little power. So why did i give it 4 out of 5 stars, well b/c of the design. It is too big in that it covers the socket above so you have to mount it at the top socket. Second the time interval is not adjustable and there are only 3 preset times. The 1/2 is great but it would have been nice to have an hour as well. I will see how long this lasts and report back with updates in the future as people have reported failures with this product. If it lasts I will change my rating of 4 to 5 stars as the preset times alone is not a reason to take a star away.

I bought 2 for my kitchen appliances and one for my light in my garage. It’s just a switch with LED that illuminates when it’s ON. Yah, so simple… but so effective! In the past my wife and I would literally yank the power cords out of the wallsockets for our portable water boiler and toasters before leaving the house. You know, applicances these days are cheaply made using cheap parts. Who knows if it will start a fire while you’re out and about. Burn down a whole house due to a faulty $0.25 switch? no way!! With this simple switch, it works as added insurance with convenience! No need to pull power cords out of the wall sockets. Just turn it off when you leave the house. done. very clean and easy and my boiler and toasters are completely turned off. :)

I use this in my garage for my wall heater. Timer works fine. Timer can be set 1/2 hr, 3 hrs, and 5 hrs. It does the job and at $10 bucks, why not buy it.

I used it for switching my microwave off so the clock and the humming it made would stop. Mission accomplished. It is easy to switch it back on when I use it. Now I have to find other ways to stop other energy vampires.

Simple Solution to a Simple Problem

In order to prevent them from draining electrical power unnecessarily they need to be unplugged when not in use. This is where the this power switch comes in.

I purchased this to use with my USB wall charger that stays connected to the wall outlet 24/7 even though it’s never charging any device for more than a few hours a day. This ¬†product makes it much more convenient by just flipping the switch instead of having to constantly plug/unplug the charger from the wall to prevent it from continually draining electricity. When I’m ready to use my charger I just flip the switch and when my charger is done charging my phone or whatever device I flip the switch to turn it off…no more wasting electricity while plugged into the wall while not being used.

Great for conserving energy!! Want to buy more for around the house! I also have the timer plug which is great for refreshing batteries and electronics.

I use these wherever I have chargers. Chargers for shavers, toothbrushes, waterpiks, battery chargers, drill chargers. Particularly since overcharging batteries can damage them, it saves energy and increases lifespan of batteries. They could be used with humidifiers or air purifiers. Basically anything that can handle shutting off unexpectedly. Set the duration, tap the button. Need it to go a little longer, tap the button again.

It wears out the cell phone batteries if you leave them charging too long. With this little device we plug-in our cell phones before bed and it automatically shuts off in 3 hours, so we wake up to fully charged cell phones and we are saving electricity and the cell phone battery itself by not leaving it plugged in all night. I especially want my kids to go our the door in the morning with fully charged cell phones, so we can keep in contact during the day. No more excuses that my phone wasn’t charged. Shipping etc by Amazon was quick and reliable….

This device calms a lot of otherwise frayed nerves.( I’ve found she unplugs the iron anyway, but the safe feeling is still there.)

I used to unplug electronics (fans, laptop, taoster, etc) when not using them so I didn’t expect to get too much utility out of this switch (I purchased it accidentally when purchasing something else and Amazon told me to keep it and refunded me rather than send it back) but the switch is a little nicer than having cords laying on the ground near outlets. So I guess if you want to cut off power to your devices and gadgets but really don’t want to plug/unplug them, this is a useful, cheap solution. The switch on the side even glows green when it’s on for a visual cue as well. Good product.

Simple, Good for Rechargeable Devices

It worked exactly as it was designed to do, that is only be active for the designated time. I have it set at 3 hours, which is more than enough time. 1/2 hour and 6 hours are the other choices. It does not block the other electrical socket from being used.

I am using this with an AC power 92mm fan. I have a subwoofer that gets EXTREMELY hot when in use and standby… Actually it’s known to fry eventually because there is no airflow going into the sub… thanks to the company saving $2 worth of parts you end up with a $400 sub that dies years later.. I’ve gone through 4 of them so far, luckily it’s been replaced..etc. That being said I installed a 92mm AC fan inside the subwoofer so that it exhausts the hot air OUT so it doesn’t act like an oven and keep cooking everything… I have the little fan plugged into this and then I just simply switch it on when I turn my speakers on.. it’s great. I was planning on tieing the AC fan into the psu on the subwoofer but I didn’t want to start soldering and doing all sorts of things in such a tight cramped space… This works perfectly! I do however wish it would make this just a TAD smaller.. in my opinion it’s a little wide… if it was just slightly smaller I would really like it more and it would get 5 stars. Does what it says!

And in case you don’t know, it is not good for these rechargeable batteries to frequently overcharge. It shortens their lifespan over time. So this outlet does a bit to prevent that for me. You can set it to stay on for 30 mins, 3 hours, or 6 hours. After setting it, plug in your device. Press the grey button (seen at the top in the picture) to turn the outlet on. It will then stay on for whatever length of time you set it at.

The only minor issue I see with this is remembering to press the button to turn it on when you want to use it. I generally leave mine set at 3 hours since that is enough time to recharge my phone. I just have to press the button each night when I plug the phone in.

If you have a use for this (it is certainly a niche product), such as preventing overcharging of rechargeable batteries, it’s a great little device.

I have just a couple of comments about it, which are the reason of avoiding filling the fifth star. There is no a timer reset button, you have to unplug it and plug it again in order to do the reset, and also it should have an additional 9-hours option. I am quite happy with it, it remembers and awares me about reducing electrical power consumption…. :)