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Best And Most Used Product In My House

I use this remote to control the lights in our bedroom, so far I have used two out of three and both remotes works well. I also want to credit the manufacturer for including a battery in the remote controller and saying so in it’s description of the product. I had a remote, different brand, the same packaging, three socket oulets and one remote. Two out of the three remote socket oulets failed in just over a year. So I am keeping my fingers crossed how long this brand would last.

I didn’t have any issues with the battery compartment on the remote, as some of the other reviewers did, and I’m not trying to control anything through the wall so range hasn’t been an issue. My biggest complaint is that the outlet boxes are obscenely large, and the plug is oriented such that if you’re plugging this directly into a wall socket, it will block both outlets. Also note that they require 3-prong outlets, so if you’re thinking about using a multitap extension cord, it will have to be 3-pronged as well. This may work best plugged into something like a PowerSquid.

The only draw back for this particular style is that the units are very large. They have been used daily for many months now and have worked beautifully. Some reviews mentioned the difficulty in putting in the batteries and I would have to agree.

The newer models allow you to program each socket to respond to any of the buttons on the two remotes provided. The instructions that came with the device are very poorly written. Poor English in some cases and incomplete instructions. There is no explanation of how to ‘un-program’ a button, and I was finding it impossible to get the two remotes to replicate one another. In some applications you want to program the remotes to control different devices, but in what I believe is the more common application you want the remotes to functional identically. If I program button number 1 on remote A, I want button number 1 on remote B to control the same socket. I would setup one remote, and then when I went to duplicate the process for the second remote some of the buttons stopped working on the first remote and vice-versa.

I reached out to customer support via email and got a quick response. The customer service rep (Tyler) was very helpful and informed me that each socket can only remember up to 3 buttons. So as soon as I tried programming a 4th button to a socket that had already been associated with 3 other buttons, it removed the association for one of the 3 previous buttons. Each button sends out a specific frequency. 5 different frequencies for buttons 1-5 on remote A, and another 5 frequencies for each of the buttons on remote B.

I explained that this is the setup I wanted, and that I wanted all buttons on both remotes A and B to behave identically. They are all hooked up to various lamps in my kids’ bedroom.

Cut Your Energy Bill!!

It’s all buried behind the entertainment system. You do have to push relatively hard on the switch to ensure it turns on/off, but otherwise functions very well. Kills 126 watts (Killawatt used for testing) of idle power draw from the six components hooked up to it. A couple of KW a day at 30 cents a KW… it’ll pay for itself in just a few months.

We had a lamp in the corner of the room that we liked to turn on to add light to the room but you would have to reach over a couch to turn it on. We hooked it up to this and put the switch by the other light switch and it works great. Saves us some time and effort turning it on and off. I also like that it has constant on outlets for things you don’t want controlled by the remote. I wish i would have bought a few more while they were on sale.

The remote switches were very easy to set up with a different configuration for each computer (it took about 45 seconds to reset the configuration so each remote switch would work only one system). Switching on and off is absolutely as simple as it gets. This is a winner if you want to switch off your electronics when not using them to save electricity.

You know, almost every single product now have a so-called “idle” mode and that’s where the energy and money are wasted. I have my router and modem plugged in the always-on outlet, along with my TV, PS3, sound system plugged-in the “Remote-Switched Outlets”. I’ve seen some people here mention about the remote not working, or whatsoever problem with it.

Here I got some little tricks for you:

I believe this remote would put itself into “idle” mode, therefore, if you simply just switch on and off, it might not work all the way you want. So, I recommend you press the same side down first, before you switch it to the other side.

Sounds complicated? here’s an example:

If your remote is on “I” (which means on, closed circuit), and you want to turn it off. You simply press down on “I” first (in my words- to wake the remote up), then switch it to “O” (off), vice versa.

I love this surge protector and am STRONGLY RECOMMEND it. Great product!!

So far they are working pretty good. Occasionally they do require a firmer or repeated pressing to go on or off but after several months so far it still works pretty good. Id recommend it. If it breaks I will update with an appropriate response.

Running one of these power strips on every TV and computer in the house

will easily knock $25 – $35 dollars a month off of your electric bill! Why pay the utility company for the time you NOT using your devices? In these days when utility rates

are jacked up so unjustifiably high you have do everything you can from being raped the by utility companies! These strips are wall mountable, have cable management hooks and the remote switch can be taped or screwed to the wall and should be placed next to a light switch to make sure it gets used. Bottom line it’s a little pricey but it will definitely pay for it shelf in 1-2 months time!

Very Handy For Remote On-off of Things On Power Strip

Works great. I did the math and it saves about 3-4 dollars per item a year if it is just turned off at night. It will take a few years to pay for itself but worth it to me. The remote only works about 10-15 feet away.

Bought 5, then realized I needed 6, then realized I needed 7, then 8… then bought two as gifts. No problems with stuck rocker switch whatsoever. Remote control comes in a cover with double-sided tape on the back; or you can remove it. You can obviously use one switch with as many units as you’d like, or split them up on up to 8 channels if the neighbors aren’t also using these. I’ve only had the occasional issue with “oops one power strip didn’t get the off/on signal”, in which case you just hold down the switch a bit longer. No dead units so far.

The surge protection for cable modems only comes with the 10-outlet model.

All the cords plug into this on a shelf under the built-in desk and we use the remote to turn things on and off. Has been working well for these several years.

So this fall when I got out our fancy low-voltage electric mattress pad, I realized we needed a second one of these. Being low voltage and queen size, the mattress pad has two brick size transformers, one for each side of the bed, separate from the controls. Even when the mattress pad is off, these things make a high-pitched buzzing noise. And we only have the mattress pad turned on to warm the bed up before we get in.

This product works great for this–the power strip sits on the floor under the bed, along with the transformers. The two transformers plug into outlets that are operated by the remote. Our alarm clock and bedside lamp plug into the two outlets on the power strip that are always “on” regardless of the remote. Now, we just have to click on the remote which is on the bedside table and turn on the mattress pad an hour before bedtime, then click off the remote to shut the mattress pad and the transformer noise off at bedtime.

*TIP* : if you are buying more than one of these, or buying your second one, you definitely need to change the sync switches to a new code so your remote operates the strip you intend to operate. I found that our remote in the home office does turn on and off the new power strip in the bedroom and vice versa, even though there is a wall and 15ft in between them. Once I changed the sync switches to a new code, problem solved. And it is easier to make this change initially, before you start plugging everything in.

Really Cool Innovation, Saving $$$$$$

I was easily able to bring my electric bill down $50 with Belkin power strips. Personally I use this at an entertainment center so that with a flick of a switch TV/DVD/Game systems everything is off when I’m done using them though the cable box can stay on for recording. Although its bigger than I had imagined that’s only because there’s more plugs than an average power strip as well as more space between them so you can have AC Adapters plugged in as well.

I got this so I can control some of the light far far away at the other end of the room. So I dont have to get out of my bed and walk all the way to the end to trun off my lights in a freezing winter night.

Either way great product, high quality, would buy again. I use it on my fish tank to turn the pumps on and off for water changes but keep other devices on all the time.

Once I got all the plugs arranged where they were supposed to be, this turned everything off with just one click! Just great. Only thing, the remote needs to have clear ‘view’ of the main unit to have it read the ‘off/on’ signal. Not taking away any stars for this as it’s not an inconvenience at all. Just have to aim ‘high’ & directly at the receptacle. Highly recommend this product.

I purchased an AICO Michael Amini older style entertainment center for $250..I know, right???!!! It only came with the two tall tower sides, lighted bridge top, and shelf. It was purchased originally without the tv stand so I had to purchase that myself to accomodate our tv.

The older style AICO entertainment center side towers were made with wood shelves and no built in lighting so they are really dark. In addition, the doors have a tinted glass making them even darker so the pic frames etc you put inside don’t even show up.

So I went and purchased these buffet torchiere lamps, one for each side, and put one on the top shelf but I had an issue with being able to turn them on at the same time without having to reach for the thumb switches that are now hanging behind the entertainment center. I wanted to tie them in with the lighted bridge that had also had an inconventient switch that I had to struggle each time to reach (it is located on the bridge but it is 6 ft high).

I searched for switch that I could touch where all three could be connected together..and I found this here on Amazon for around $30 shipped. I was worried because it really seemed to great to be true but lo and behold it was PERFECT. All I have to do is turn on the lights by touching the switch (shown in picture) and it turns them on and off magically without a wire! YAY! All three are plugged into it and it works perfectly. Everyone who sees me turn on the lights in the ent. ctr. ask what it is and where I got it! I HIGHLY recommend!!!