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Does The Trick!

I actually searched for clapper and came across this thing. I thought a clapper was tacky, but wanted a solution to turning on the bedroom light without walking across the room in the dark. And this works great!

The switch isn’t really a switch, more of a button. But I don’t mind at all. It looks like a light switch, so it gets the job done. Easily worth the price.

Solve elegantly a lot of problems like switch too far, unreachable or no switch at all. I have three of them and I gave a lot of them as gifts to elderly parents who love them and use them even to turn on and off their night lights or their fans. However, if Westek had provide us with a way to tweak the frequency at will, we wouldn’t be stuck when we mistakenly buy two same frequency wireless switches.

I used two sided tape to mount the switch. The switch and the plug are only about 10 feet apart, but it works perfectly. The light switch is really just two buttons. both the top and bottom will turn it either on or off.

I use this to activate a lamp on an end table that is too far to reach from the couch. The switch just sits on my coffee table so I can flip it on or off easily. I use it constantly and have had zero problems (knock wood).

Am here getting another one for a bedside lamp. Hoping I have no crossed frequency issues.

It works great! I used command strips to attach it to the wall because I live in an apartment. One thing I didn’t see on any instructions was that you have to take the screws off the front plate in order to activate the battery inside. I did this with my fingernail so it wasn’t difficult, I just didn’t realize I needed to do it. I would definitely order another one of these in the future!

My electrician actually recommended these devices! Plug them in, stick it on the wall and “voila”, The one we had would turn off when the refrigerator motor would kick on or the a/c, etc. It was driving us nuts. It was a larger switch too. This one works great and the box is less bulky.

I am using this in a home automation project so I needed an on command AND an off command. The buttons on this remote are made to look like they are on and off, but they are only one button. This means it only sends one signal. The outlet just switches state when it receives a signal.

if you want this get it it is the best outlet controler i have ever had.i love it. i dont just use it for turning stuff on and off i also use it for pranling people:p i also like how this has this has a switch on the device its self so you dont have to use the remote an inch away. so i think you should get it i love it and i hope you love it.

Will Control Fluorescent And LED Lights As Well

Bought one of these, put the on/off switch on the wall as you head down the hall and now it’s so easy to turn it on and off. Then, recently, I had trouble with my knee and found myself in the recliner quite a bit. Had to call hubby to turn on the light on the end table. Bought another one of these, attached the on/off switch on the side of the end table with Velcro and now I just reach down and flip it to turn on the lamp. What more could you want?

The package states that it will control fluorescent, LED and incandescent.

The package also states it will control, “lights, TVs, Audio components and Small appliances”, “Appliances up to 960 watts – 8 amps”, “Battery lasts up to 2-3 years under normal use”, I only wish there was a way to choose your frequency. I guess you get the luck of the draw. I may have to go to Home Depot if I want to buy another, so I can see which one I am buying.

It works great, but every once in awhile the connections get “crossed”…I will use the switch for my lamp and it will turn on my fan, or vice versa. It’s a small annoyance for a great product though. I tend to get hot and cold a lot so I find it very useful to have a switch by my bed that turns the fan off and on. I also use two for lamps where the lamp switch is a little too far away for me to reach easily. And they are also great at Christmas time for your tree lights. I would sugget this would be great for the elderly too….my grandma had trouble seeing and reaching for the lamp switch, so I offered to give her one of these switches where she could keep it right in front of her. I like the toggle switch too rather than a regular one because it’s so easy.

This was a great solution. Some complain about the screws on the switch plate cover, but they worked fine for me. Remember they are decorative and are plastic so you don’t over-tighten.

The switch on my wall operated an outlet. That outlet is immediately next to the switch. This didnt work for me. I have my lights in the back of the room. Then I stumbled across this gem. Just plug it in and attach the switch to the wall and you got yourself a solution.

Before I had to walk in the room in the dark, feel around for the lamp, then the switch to turn it on. Now I can do it as I walk into the room. Great little device.

I used double sided tape to mount the switch on the wall instead of drilling holes to attach it (and I doubt that I’m the only one who would do that, so perhaps that option should be included). I expected a slight delay in the operation of the switched unit (in my case a wall light), but to my pleasure, it comes on instantly, much like an actual wall switch. These are a good option for some less expensive homes that were built without any switched power in, say, the bedrooms. But, since they’re sold with no regard to frequency (at Amazon anyway)(I think there are like 6 frequencies available), I’ve decided that if I wanted to use a number a these in adjacent rooms, I’d just buy a bunch, pick out the ones with different frequencies, and send the rest back (this should avoid turning on every light with same frequency since the range is fairly impressive). It’s a poor way to get what you need, and I’m sure would/does drive up costs for the seller, so perhaps they should rethink the “frequency shipped at random” model.

This Switch Acts Like A Single On/Off Button – Either Paddle Acts As You Want It To

I have the light where I really need it and the switch out-of sight. I would buy this again (when needed). Appears to be better quality than similar switch I had purchased (which failed after less than a year). Other switch had a built in night light that I liked. This one does not have that feature.

We hooked up a fluorescent strip light, but wanted a way to turn it on and off beside groping in the dark for the in-line switch. We purchased this, plugged it into an available outlet in the closet, and located the switch in the area where we wanted it. (We mounted the “switch” box with 3M picture hanging strips, so we could change the batteries easily) Works great, no problems. As others have noted elsewhere, although it looks like a standard “flip switch” in the pictures, it’s actually just a button you press for on/off. Doesn’t bother me, because I’m delighted to have light in the laundry closet!

Only complaint is that when ordering additional units they do not ask for a preferred frequency. You may want to match existing units or more than likely you may prefer different frequencies. This choice should be part of the ordering process.

They work great for this. The switch part is small and light enough to be attached with a couple pieces of removable mounting tape, which is great.

The only downside is the radio channel is built into the device, and there didn’t seem to be any way to choose which one you wanted, or really an indication that this was the case on the product page. I ordered three and they came one of each channel, which was what I needed so it worked out for me. Still you should be aware of the channel thing in case you want two to work on the same channel etc…

Now there is no danger of him tripping over something on his way to the bed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a convenient way to control electronics.

Also, up and down on the switch both do the same thing; but they are nice aesthetically I suppose. Overall very happy with this purchase.

Since daddy and teen are not on the same sleep schedule :) we had to forgo using it and purchase another locally to be sure and get a different frequency. It would be nice if the frequency was in the description, but I couldn’t find one online that let you pick that way.

The only downfall is if you purchase two or more, make sure they are not too close to each other room wise. I have one in my bedroom and the other in the living room and when I turn one on in one room, the other also turns on. Not a huge problem, but sometimes they tend to get mixed up and when one turns on, the other turns off. It’s kind of comical, but really frustrating at times. Otherwise, very simple idea for one or two rooms, if separated enough.

Solid Wireless Solution To For An Outlet

You might think “what’s the big deal”, but I’d previously bought and immediately returned a similar device, Westinghouse T00412 Light Switch Remote (currently not available on Amazon, which is a good thing!). Here was my experience with both products:

Westinghouse- the battery was already installed when I opened the sealed package- so it’s likely energy was draining from the battery since it was packaged. Lamp turned ON when I flipped the switch up. Lamp stayed ON when I flipped the switch down- I couldn’t turn it off! Back to Amazon it went.

AmerTac- battery installed but with a plastic tab which I was instructed to remove- so the battery was fresh. Lamp turned ON when I flipped the switch up. Lamp turned OFF when I flipped the switch down.

This doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it IS nice when a product does exactly what it’s supposed to do and MIGHTY AGGRAVATING when it doesn’t. Shame on you, Westinghouse!

I did not want to pay an electrician to rip apart my walls and my home is old, so they always insist on redoing everything. A simple job ends up costing way too much. Both units have worked flawlessly for 4 months and I turn them on and off every night, sometimes more if I leave at night.
I plan on ordering a few more matching sets (Channel F) for my living room switch so that multiple lights will turn on at the same time with one switch… Be sure to order different channels if you want to install multiple sets for different lights.
Quality of the switches is a solid rocker and the lights can be turned on or off by hitting either the top or bottom of the switch. Rather convenient unintentional feature.

It was designed like a large paddle switch, but did not behave like one. Beneath the large paddle are small micro-switches, and you must press the paddle in exactly the right spot to activate or deactivate the switch. If you pressed the paddle anywhere that was not directly above the micro-switch, the thin plastic of the paddle would deflect and absorb your motion and fail to depress the micro-switch.

This Westek switch has a smaller paddle which feels very firm to the touch and works every time. Furthermore, it does not actually matter which side you press. If the light is on, you can turn it off by pressing EITHER side of the paddle (and vice-versa). It functions like a single on/off button. We do not mount our switch on a wall, but use it to activate a light from our coffee table, so the fact that we never need to know which side is “up” or “on” is very nice.

Canon Safe Interior Power Box options

I wanted to mount some sort of lighting and found that rope lighting was just the ticket. This switch was the perfect answer to be able to light the interior of the safe WHEN NEEDED. The plug in unit is the perfect size for the bottom outlet for lighting and leave me with another for the dehumidifier rod. 5 stars for the price and what it’s designed for.

This product is the most functional item I’ve ever purchased. This is the second one I’ve bought. The first one lasted me about a year before it spontaneously decided to stop working for unknown reasons. Given the inexpensive price I was more than happy to buy another one, worth it even if it only lasts a year! I’ve now had this item for >4 monthes. No problems.

I either had to mount an electrical box and cover plate under the cabinet, which stood out and looked sloppy or had a wire dangling down to plug into a socket.

This allowed me to hide all the wiring for the under cabinet wiring in the stove vent area and mount the switch next to the other switches for the kitchen. No wires or electrical junction boxes show and the installation looks very professional.

I mounted a light bar above the mirror and wired it to a two prong AC plug and ran it behind the mirror. I mounted this switch under the counter to make it easy to turn the lights on/off. It works just like I wanted it to and one would never know the lights werent built into the wall.

The way that I tried to specify the frequency was that the first switch I ordered was on the “B” frequency, so in the comments sections where you could leave instructions as if it was a gift, I told them to send me anything except one in the “B” frequency because I already had that. The second one they sent me was on frequency “D” so I think that it worked. I agree that there should be a way that we can just leave an instruction as to the frequency that we want, but there isn’t. I figured that since the vendor would read those instructions from the customer, this is probably better than just taking a chance that they won’t send you a second one on the same frequency as the first one that you ordered.

As far as the product is concerned, it works well and does the job. The switch has excellent range and you don’t necessarily need a clear line of sight to the remotely controlled plug. I was able to install a remote light switch for my living room pole lamp at the top of the stairs coming from the master bedroom. The second was installed on the headboard of my bed so I could remotely control the pole lamp in my bedroom. I did the same thing at my elderly mother’s house and she loves the convenience of having the light switch at the head of her bed.

I definitely recommend this product. You an use some double sided tape and mount your light switch at any convenient location.

Works Flawlessly – Style Looks A Bit Cheap

I liked that this unit has a remote switch that I can access easily to turn off my multiple monitors at once instead of turning them off individually or crawling under the desk to flip the surge protectors switch. It also has a couple of constant-on recepticals to power items whether or not the switch is flipped.

The switch looks a little odd, but probably as good as it can given the form factor. Signal strength is quite good — a brick wall and a washing machine are in between one of the plugs and its switch. As noted by other reviewers, there are no separate “on” or “off” directions. Pushing the switch on either side simply toggles the power.

Our house was built with no wall switches in the bedrooms and we were thrilled to find these. They’ve actually gone down in price since we bought ours. They work perfectly and we’ve never had a problem.

However, as another reviewer said, it has only two different frequencies, and the frequency is NOT selectable. When you buy, you must specify either the “A” or “B” frequency switch. The package is labeled such. Don’t get two of the same frequency within range of each other! Oh, and the switch and control block do not look like what is pictured. The control block is bigger and the switch (as mentioned in the other review) is a rocker, not a traditional toggle as pictured.

It has a one-piece rocker switch/plate cover that looks like it could break easily. However, I’ve had mine for about 2 years so far and it’s still intact.

This unit has three channels, so you can have up to three different sets of these in your home. In my living room, I have two sets, both on the same channel, controlling two lamps across the room from each other. Since they’re both on the same channel, either transmitter can turn on or off both lights (kind of like three-way switching for multiple lamps).

The rocker switch makes it seem like you’d press up for on and down for off. However, it’s just a toggle switch — there’s no difference between up or down.

Leviton makes a more-attractive switch (although they only sell the almond color here on Amazon). It resembles a regular hard-wired rocker switch commonly found in homes. However, it only has two channels (so you could only have two sets of these in your home), and it’s VERY tempermental. It will randomly switch off and sometimes constantly switch off — very annoying.

I would like to see X10 come out with one of these devices, but their controllers resemble remote controls too much. They need one that looks like a regular wall switch. So why X10? First it can handle 256 channels — not just two or three. Second, it can integrate with your PC for home automation. Third, it costs about the same as one of these other more-basic models.