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Best Christmas Accessory EVER!

This unit works every time all the time and is easy to install and use. The receiver is large and my cover on outlet in the duplex so that may be a slight negative for some – no non switched outlet so you take up a plug with your application. For me these are very minor issues – I would purchase again if I need another five receivers.

It still provides power, but without taking the plug apart, I can’t see why the remote simply stopped turning it on and off.

If you need to control 5 outlets with a single remove, you can’t beat this. Highly recommended.

I have a few lamps behind my couch that are hard to reach to turn off. With one click of the button I am able to turn them on or off. I have used one additional outlet in my bedroom to turn on a light in the bathroom so when I wake in the middle of the night, I can walk safely with out tripping. So many possibilities for this product. Great for hard to reach areas when you must have access to power a product on or off. I am considering purchasing an additional set for my elderly Mother.

I used it only inside, so I can not say anything about outside use, sorry.

But it worked great for remote controlled Christmas lightning. I had pieces connected all over the house on all floors and it worked like a charm. There is no a lot else I can say :-)

Ok, one more thing, the boxes are a little big 2.5 by about 5 inches is not small…..

Worked well. Can control all five plugs with one control. Since control has five separate on/off switches, you can separately control each of five plugs from anywhere in house. Makes holiday light management enjoyable. I highly recommend this set. I might order another set or two as gifts.

Now, I don’t have to always go underneath the aquarium stand and manually turn off or unplug certain electrical components. The receivers are huge and you need to make some space so they won’t be piling on top each other which may be a hazard. I used a surge protector with five 6 inch extenders which plug into the receivers. Works great.

This was amazing! Now I just pick up the remote and done. Even better, I can turn on my tree, my garland, the mantelpiece, the kids Christmas tree and the snow village all without getting off my bum! One thing to note it does make a soft little click every time you turn it on or off just in case you needed absolute silence when using it. I love this and show it off to everyone who comes over.

Great Long Lasting Product

These switches have been a lifesaver. I attached a piece of velcro to the back of the remote and stuck it to the wall. Now I can use the remote like a light switch, or remove it from the wall and use it as a remote.

That’s where these babies come in handy. I can be as lazy as I want and with the push of a button, my fan / lamp is off or on. Or they can be used for something else, either way they are convenient.

To do that I needed to know how to remove a plug from a certain remote number. I am reducing the rating by one star, because the user instructions do not mention this and I had to call them (hold the learning button on the plug while you plug it on to reset it, so it will react to none of the remote numbers).

They work great! I like that any outlet can be paired with any remote, and that you can pair more than one outlet to any remote button.

The outlets themselves are rather large. However, if you plug them into the top part of a wall outlet, you can fit a small plug into the bottom part. If you have a larger plug or transformer, or are using a power strip, you’ll need something like 1-Foot Extension Power Cable, 5-Pack. I bought a set and they work very well to make the outlets usable in those situations.

I bought the 5-pack of the newest model with two remotes. However, one of the remotes didn’t work properly. I contacted Etekcity’s customer service and they sent instructions on how to clear and reprogram the outlets to the remote. I followed these instructions, but the remote still didn’t work. They quickly sent me a replacement, which works perfectly. The rep who helped me was polite and professional, and responded quickly to several emails.

I’ve been so happy with these outlets that I bought a second set to use in my bedroom. I’ll probably buy another set for my elderly mother, so she can control her lights without having to get out of her recliner. I would recommend them to anyone!

I have used it for a long time and have had no problems with the device. However, I received the device with only one remote and not two remotes as shown in the image in the product page. This product is especially great for nights when one doesn’t want to get up to switch off an electrical appliance. The remote does not consume much battery which is surely a plus point in the long run. However, one needs to ensure that the remote is in line with the outlet to actually work but that is not much of a problem(However, this is the reason I rates this product 4). Thanks to this products life and my lazy attitude, I will surely be heading back to this seller and purchasing it again!

A Bit Bulky, But Otherwise Fantastic

The only downside seems to be how bulky they are. If you aren’t able to plug it into the top outlet (if your outlet was installed upside down or you lack room above the outlet due to furniture or whatever) it will cover the entire outlet because of just how big they are. Other than that, they’ve been great and have done exactly what I wanted them to.

So, the outlet we use for lights is behind our couch. So, each night they must be unplugged and it has become a hassle, as we age. These sockets will allow us to turn those pretty lights off/on with no problems at all. I’m quite sure we’ll find two more outlets that will aid us in turning things off/on. They got here in good time and they do what they say they do. I would use this company again. This is a GREAT price for these three. Get them, you will NOT be disappointed.

It was a small inconvenience but it just bothered me every time I had to fish around for the knob. This gadget made my life a lot easier. The buttons don’t feel sturdy but I haven’t had one problem. I just wish they weren’t so bulky.

I don’t have a pool table light but i do have a plug on the roof, so, I pluged in a spotlight and aimed it at the table for now…cheap a i know but instead of climbing up there over and over I use this remote and wa-la. Also use it to turn on a lamp in the bedroom….and the 3rd I’m using it for a water fountain in the backyard. Remote works awesome even through walls.

Can’t beat the price for a great little automation gizmo. Wife loves it – we can light up the counter in the kitchen and 2 Curio cabinets with them. Everyone who’s seen it says they want to get one (and have).

I suffer from SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder during the winter months, so I add lots of light to my living space. If you are a renter, you are unable to (or it would be disadvantageous to) install lighting, so your only other option is to purchase plug ins which is while these bad boys are so darn handy! Simple set up. Lights controlled by a remotes within minutes!

I park my diesel some 100 feet from the house and I can remotely open my garage door, and because of the in use indicator light, turn my engine block heater on/off without having to endure the inclement weather. Used the others around the house…….too cool.

The devices make a clicking noise but only when the button is pressed so that is perfectly fine. The units themselves are rather large, but that is to be expected given the Amperage rating. I would/will be buying another set because these are so convenient for turning lamps on and off.

Best And Most Used Product In My House

I use this remote to control the lights in our bedroom, so far I have used two out of three and both remotes works well. I also want to credit the manufacturer for including a battery in the remote controller and saying so in it’s description of the product. I had a remote, different brand, the same packaging, three socket oulets and one remote. Two out of the three remote socket oulets failed in just over a year. So I am keeping my fingers crossed how long this brand would last.

I didn’t have any issues with the battery compartment on the remote, as some of the other reviewers did, and I’m not trying to control anything through the wall so range hasn’t been an issue. My biggest complaint is that the outlet boxes are obscenely large, and the plug is oriented such that if you’re plugging this directly into a wall socket, it will block both outlets. Also note that they require 3-prong outlets, so if you’re thinking about using a multitap extension cord, it will have to be 3-pronged as well. This may work best plugged into something like a PowerSquid.

The only draw back for this particular style is that the units are very large. They have been used daily for many months now and have worked beautifully. Some reviews mentioned the difficulty in putting in the batteries and I would have to agree.

The newer models allow you to program each socket to respond to any of the buttons on the two remotes provided. The instructions that came with the device are very poorly written. Poor English in some cases and incomplete instructions. There is no explanation of how to ‘un-program’ a button, and I was finding it impossible to get the two remotes to replicate one another. In some applications you want to program the remotes to control different devices, but in what I believe is the more common application you want the remotes to functional identically. If I program button number 1 on remote A, I want button number 1 on remote B to control the same socket. I would setup one remote, and then when I went to duplicate the process for the second remote some of the buttons stopped working on the first remote and vice-versa.

I reached out to customer support via email and got a quick response. The customer service rep (Tyler) was very helpful and informed me that each socket can only remember up to 3 buttons. So as soon as I tried programming a 4th button to a socket that had already been associated with 3 other buttons, it removed the association for one of the 3 previous buttons. Each button sends out a specific frequency. 5 different frequencies for buttons 1-5 on remote A, and another 5 frequencies for each of the buttons on remote B.

I explained that this is the setup I wanted, and that I wanted all buttons on both remotes A and B to behave identically. They are all hooked up to various lamps in my kids’ bedroom.

Does The Trick!

I actually searched for clapper and came across this thing. I thought a clapper was tacky, but wanted a solution to turning on the bedroom light without walking across the room in the dark. And this works great!

The switch isn’t really a switch, more of a button. But I don’t mind at all. It looks like a light switch, so it gets the job done. Easily worth the price.

Solve elegantly a lot of problems like switch too far, unreachable or no switch at all. I have three of them and I gave a lot of them as gifts to elderly parents who love them and use them even to turn on and off their night lights or their fans. However, if Westek had provide us with a way to tweak the frequency at will, we wouldn’t be stuck when we mistakenly buy two same frequency wireless switches.

I used two sided tape to mount the switch. The switch and the plug are only about 10 feet apart, but it works perfectly. The light switch is really just two buttons. both the top and bottom will turn it either on or off.

I use this to activate a lamp on an end table that is too far to reach from the couch. The switch just sits on my coffee table so I can flip it on or off easily. I use it constantly and have had zero problems (knock wood).

Am here getting another one for a bedside lamp. Hoping I have no crossed frequency issues.

It works great! I used command strips to attach it to the wall because I live in an apartment. One thing I didn’t see on any instructions was that you have to take the screws off the front plate in order to activate the battery inside. I did this with my fingernail so it wasn’t difficult, I just didn’t realize I needed to do it. I would definitely order another one of these in the future!

My electrician actually recommended these devices! Plug them in, stick it on the wall and “voila”, The one we had would turn off when the refrigerator motor would kick on or the a/c, etc. It was driving us nuts. It was a larger switch too. This one works great and the box is less bulky.

I am using this in a home automation project so I needed an on command AND an off command. The buttons on this remote are made to look like they are on and off, but they are only one button. This means it only sends one signal. The outlet just switches state when it receives a signal.

if you want this get it it is the best outlet controler i have ever had.i love it. i dont just use it for turning stuff on and off i also use it for pranling people:p i also like how this has this has a switch on the device its self so you dont have to use the remote an inch away. so i think you should get it i love it and i hope you love it.

Will Control Fluorescent And LED Lights As Well

Bought one of these, put the on/off switch on the wall as you head down the hall and now it’s so easy to turn it on and off. Then, recently, I had trouble with my knee and found myself in the recliner quite a bit. Had to call hubby to turn on the light on the end table. Bought another one of these, attached the on/off switch on the side of the end table with Velcro and now I just reach down and flip it to turn on the lamp. What more could you want?

The package states that it will control fluorescent, LED and incandescent.

The package also states it will control, “lights, TVs, Audio components and Small appliances”, “Appliances up to 960 watts – 8 amps”, “Battery lasts up to 2-3 years under normal use”, I only wish there was a way to choose your frequency. I guess you get the luck of the draw. I may have to go to Home Depot if I want to buy another, so I can see which one I am buying.

It works great, but every once in awhile the connections get “crossed”…I will use the switch for my lamp and it will turn on my fan, or vice versa. It’s a small annoyance for a great product though. I tend to get hot and cold a lot so I find it very useful to have a switch by my bed that turns the fan off and on. I also use two for lamps where the lamp switch is a little too far away for me to reach easily. And they are also great at Christmas time for your tree lights. I would sugget this would be great for the elderly too….my grandma had trouble seeing and reaching for the lamp switch, so I offered to give her one of these switches where she could keep it right in front of her. I like the toggle switch too rather than a regular one because it’s so easy.

This was a great solution. Some complain about the screws on the switch plate cover, but they worked fine for me. Remember they are decorative and are plastic so you don’t over-tighten.

The switch on my wall operated an outlet. That outlet is immediately next to the switch. This didnt work for me. I have my lights in the back of the room. Then I stumbled across this gem. Just plug it in and attach the switch to the wall and you got yourself a solution.

Before I had to walk in the room in the dark, feel around for the lamp, then the switch to turn it on. Now I can do it as I walk into the room. Great little device.

I used double sided tape to mount the switch on the wall instead of drilling holes to attach it (and I doubt that I’m the only one who would do that, so perhaps that option should be included). I expected a slight delay in the operation of the switched unit (in my case a wall light), but to my pleasure, it comes on instantly, much like an actual wall switch. These are a good option for some less expensive homes that were built without any switched power in, say, the bedrooms. But, since they’re sold with no regard to frequency (at Amazon anyway)(I think there are like 6 frequencies available), I’ve decided that if I wanted to use a number a these in adjacent rooms, I’d just buy a bunch, pick out the ones with different frequencies, and send the rest back (this should avoid turning on every light with same frequency since the range is fairly impressive). It’s a poor way to get what you need, and I’m sure would/does drive up costs for the seller, so perhaps they should rethink the “frequency shipped at random” model.