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Great for Curious, Energy-conscious Minds

He has used it on various appliances throughout the house. It has given us a better insight as to how much energy our devices use. It has not changed our habits based on the results, but we are pretty good about out usage anyway. The longer you keep this device plugged in, the more accurate the usage results. It is interesting, and made a good gift. It wasn’t life-changing, but is fun. It may also be a good way to teach kids power use.

This is a very simple product. It adds an on/off switch to your outlet. This is particularly important if you are dealing with anyone who is paranoid about appliance fires. This could also fall under adaptive equipment. This was purchased for a blind person who can’t see to plug in the toaster oven and will not leave it plugged in due to a prior toaster oven fire. This solved the problem because they were able to find the outlet by following the toaster oven cord which was plugged into the outlet unit. They don’t need to try and plug it in because it is already plugged in and they just need to flip a switch. Now the toaster oven is a two step on and off but the outlet provides peace of mind which is easily as important as it’s purported purpose of saving electricity.

Green fluorescent light is very distinct and would remind one when it time to turn it off if necessary.

However, its just what we wanted, and does exactly what it should. We use it to turn on a light that does not have its own on/off switch. The button is pretty easy to reach and operate.

You just plug it in, plug your item into it, pick a time on the side (1/2 hour, 3 hours, or 6 hours), and press the button on top to activate the timer. Once the time is up, it shuts off. The socket and whatever item you have plugged in don’t draw any power either, so it cuts down on “ghost” power. Awesome!

I don’t want to leave it running too long so the Conserve socket does just what I need. It plugs into your wall outlet, then serves as a socket to plug your appliance into. It has three timing setings: 30 min., 3 hrs. and 6 hrs. It shuts off after the time you select. I also use it for my coffee pot so I can leave the pot on, and it shuts off automatically in 30 min. (selection I set). The socket can handle a load of up to 1800 watts.

Although, some would just think-unplug it. Because the electric oulet only has a small amount of clearance from the file cabinet, it’s much easier to just reach in and flip the switch.

While basically a simple device, it has done a great job designing an exquisite product – small, sleek, and stylish. The illuminated on/off switch is a very nice added feature, allowing you to check its status from a distance. (It also verifies that the electrical outlet is energized.) It would be nice if it were possible to rotate the unit so the switch could be repositioned to the left, top, or bottom, but I realize doing so would probably increase the purchase price. Nevertheless, I still award it 5 stars.

I’m Very Glad I Bought This

I’ve also been concerned about how quickly our Cell Phone/GPS/Ipod/Cordless Tool batteries can wear out by overcharging. So I went looking for a plug in device to solve these problems. This turns out to be the one. I can plug in my cordless drill battery, for example, and let it charge for 6 hours and automatially turn off the charging. Days or weeks later, I can return and know I haven’t left the thing on charge the whole time.

You can choose a countdown timer of either 30 minutes, three hours or six hours.

I’d use the 30 minute choice for using the toaster, microwave, coffee maker, etc. I’d use the six hour timer for charging batteries. So far, I haven’t used the three hour timer.

I bought one of these units last month, and I’ve been so pleased that today I ordered two more.

In some situations, you may prefer to simply toggle the power on and off. This unit requires you to unplug the thing in order to kill the power before the timer has run down. Not a big deal, but if that is your more dominant need, there is a better suited product from the same manufacturer (for less money too)….

To avoid burning out my charger and wasting energy, this plug-in was the best answer. It also works great for charging my laptop.

The only negative thing is that sometimes if I want to unplug my stuff before the timer is up, there isn’t a button to turn the charger off – so you have to unplug it, or let it run the allotted time over.

Overall, I’d recommend it for the energy-conscious consumer, if only because it seems the cheapest and easiest option out there. Works well with a basic power strip fully used. Cheaper than implementing WeMo all over the house.

Doesn’t make much sense for outlets that are in tough to reach places like behind furniture, the outlet needs to be readily accessible so you can turn it on (but much easier than plugging and unplugging devices, even though that would be the absolute cheapest solution :p )

Needs to be placed on the top most socket otherwise it will block an outlet. I have confirmed that there is ZERO draw when the green light is not lit up. (thanks, kill-a-watt) I wish they made one that took up the entire two outlets with timers for each outlet

I have it set to shut-off after three hours, otherwise my young son will walk away and leave the TV on for days. If it does actually reach the time limit, he just has to hit the button. I also have a second one in the garage that I use to charge my drill, that way it doesn’t stay on and drain power all the live long day. My only complaint is that mine don’t have an off button. If you decide the kill power before the timer is up, you have to yank it out of the outlet.

Nice product, here are some details

It works great and does help save $$ from Energy Vampires (appliances that still draw energy even when off). It has a small footprint and cheap to boot. I have combined this with other Products like their energy monitor and their surges with remotes and have noticed definite savings in our electric bill. It’s cheap enough to buy a few of them for other electronics in the house.

Overcharging just destroyed those batteries (and it’s not too good on the lithium batteries, either). So I’d set a mechanical timer to a few hours, and walk away. That way we could charge a bank of batteries with a control on each charger.

When I moved to 18v lithium tools, i got these electronic timers. I have found them ideal for this purpose. I use mostly Milwaukee red lithium 18v systems, so the built-in battery charge indicator is a pretty good indicator of the amount of charging required: i’ve found that the smaller red lithium batteries require about 30 min for a half charge, the bigger red lithium battery packs require 1-2 hours for a full change, and so forth. This outlet allows me to time the charge accordingly. 3 hours is more than enough time for Milwaukee battery packs, and yet not too much overcharge.

These chargers are also useful for charging acid battery packs which are from my experience very sensitive to overcharging. I use these outlet timers to charge the batteries on my Currie e_bikes – just set the timer, plug in the charger, and walk away. Full charge takes about 6 hours.

I have had 3 of these for several years, and use them with power strips in the garage. They seem to work fine for my applications. Recommended.

I’d give it five stars if there was a way to shut off the timer once you have initiated power to a device. As it is, the minimum setting is for 1/2 an hour of power, and, once you start the timer, there is no way to shut it off without pulling the timer out of the socket.

Other than that, this little device is a real power saver, especially on high consumption electrical appliances like heaters and fans.

Works nicely in wall outlet. Good for setting device and using this item to switch device on and off. Make sure whether you need a two-prong or three-prong type. Quality made, but would like to see if less expensive that $6+ each. I would havbe bought more if they were discounted for quantity.

15 Amp 1875 Watt Rating, Grounded, and a well thought out illuminated switch design

The design is good as it allows you to plug in two on the same outlet without interfering with eachother. Further the large offset to the left allows you to plug in large transformer type plugs while still maintaining easy access to the switch.

With a capacity of 1875 Watts (15 amps at 125 Volts) this can handle most household appliances and power equipment. In addition to being a power conservation tool, it can function as a secondary safety switch.

You set the timer on the side, and hit the button on the top. Done. It keeps my cellphone from over-charging, which is why most people’s batteries stop working or won’t hold charge. This is a great product that’s extremely useful.

my electrical bill has decreased a lot after using it… i leave my iPhone or my laptop and it’s stop charging in the time indicated… so that’s mean less money in the electrical bill.

It worked fine while it did. Just after 1 year of daily use, it just broke. The design can be better. If the socket where you plan to use it has the ground “up”, just like it happened to me, I had to put it upside down, so the activation button was not visible and the on light was hard to see. Also, I think it’s a bit bulky and that could also be improved. I don’t know yet what kind of warranty it has, so I can send it back or get a replacement, but for the price, all the effort might not be worth it. I don’t understand why it just broke like that.

So many times, I worried that one of us forgot to turn it off creating a fire hazard. Now we both use the outlet and it will turn the flat iron off for us if we forget. No more worries!!

It’s simple to operate and works well. As others have mentioned, it has only three options for time (30mins, 3hrs and 6 hrs), which is pretty restrictive. This could be overcome if it were designed so that multiple taps of the ON button would be additive for time (eg, with the time setting on 30min, tap the on button twice for 1hr). Other than that, this is your basic workhorse outlet timer.

It would be nice if it had a reset button to reset the timer once it was running. Currently you have to unplug the socket to get it to reset.

I bought this so my shop air filtration system could be left on intentionally and shutoff after one of the pre-determined times (1/2, 3, 6 hours). The system plug fit in snugly and in a test the outlet cut the power to it in 1/2 an hour as advertised. I’d give it 5 stars if there was a dial that permitted any time from 1/2 an hour to 6 hours. There probably isn’t enough real estate to do it but it would be nice. Good product.

Simple and Effective

Both my daughter and I have forgotten to turn off our curling irons on several occasions. It’s no longer a problem. I set the switch for 30 minutes and leave the curling iron plugged into this. I still try to remember to turn it off before I walk away but when I forget this automatically turns it off for me.

I use it mostly to charge battery packs that don’t want to be continually charged. I set it for 6 hours and it’s ready when I need it without wasting electricity. I’ve bought other products and been happy with all of them.

I’ve been satisfied with the outcome, though I haven’t really done an analysis of how much it’s affected my electric bill. I give four stars only because the options–1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours–are too limited. I would like to see more options in the next rendition.

I use it for my coffee maker. All I have to do is set up my coffee morning or the night before, Set the time wanted 1 1/2, 3, or 6 hours to keep my coffee going. This relieve the issue of not leaving my coffee maker on when it automatic shut down after the set time allow reach its limit

Since it is Daylight an hour or so after that, the lamp is wasting energy. I used the Outlet in the closest lamp to my front door. I set the timer to the lowest setting and it works great! Do not have to fumble around getting out the door.

This is a great way to turn them off with confidence and save money. Sure, you could always unplug the appliances, but that’s inconvenient and, more importantly, it places undue stress on the plug, which can lead to an early demise for the appliance. (Just ask my vacuum cleaner with the missing prong.)

One is a D2A converter so we can plug a pair of headphones directly into an AppleTV. Everyone once in a while the box stops working, and I got tired of feeling around the back of the cabinet for the power plug, so I put in one of these outlets. Now, I just have to flip a simple switch to reset the thing. Much easier, thanks!

I bought them for myself and my parents as xmas gifts. They love that it can save energy without them having to remember to unplug their devices.

The energy monitor allows me to figure out exactly how much energy a device uses in real time to estimate how long my batteries will last. Additionally, it’s fun to see how much it costs a month or year to run devices, and makes you reconsider your energy usage.

Much easier to flip the switch than to keep pulling a plug out. I use this for an undercabinet light with a switch that is hard to find. Also great for a popcorn pumper. Four stars only because the switch could be better designed, and I would like to see a version with the switch on the other side so you could choose based on your circumstances. Product seems to be working fine after a month. A’>If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!

Works Great for My Curling Iron!

Once you press the button the socket is on, and if you press the button again the internal timer resets to the total time the time selector is set to instead of switching the socket off.

Set the switch on the side to the desired time, push the button on top, and walk away. Doesn’t get much simpler than that! And unlike conventional timers, this one will not turn on again in 24 hours. Once the timer stops, it will not re-engage until you press the start button on the top.

I use mine for my media tumbler when cleaning brass. I would like to see it add a couple of features though…

1. Add a couple more time increments to the side selection switch other than 1/2 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours. It would be nice to see 1 and 2 hour options as well.

2. Re-design the *ON* button on top to allow the user to toggle *ON/OFF* The only ways to stop this timer from running once you have started it is either let the time run out, or unplug it from the wall.

On more than one ocassion I have inadvertently left the lead pot plugged in after I was finished the casting session. I purchased the Conserve Socket to turn the lead pot off in the event I failed to do so. It has made my casting activities safer in that the outlet will turn the lead pot off if I forget to do so. After a fair amount of research I found this device to be the least expensive and least labor intensive way to automatically shut off my lead pot.

I would like if there was one available that had a glow in the dark button when it’s turned off, for putting onto a fluorescent lamp I have that doesn’t have an on-off switch.

It has a simple operation and the looks are ok. I use this for a space heater that hums too loudly for me to sleep. I set the timer for 30 minutes so the heater doesn’t keep me awake for long.

I need switches to not doing that all the time and this one which looks really nice and safe satisfy me. Any way I think it should be about $4 because its just simple switch.

I bought one for my grandmother who has a habit of leaving her curling iron plugged in all of the time, and who has actually left in the middle of church service to go home and make sure she didn’t forget and leave it on.

The only drawback I see is actually one that is mentioned in the product guide (so no real surprises I guess) – and that is, due to it’s size it has to go in the top outlet, and only really allows a normal sized plug to be inserted into the bottom outlet. If you have something with a larger than normal plug, this won’t work for you in that outlet. And unfortunately for us, my grandmother does have a non-standard sized plug to go into that outlet – therefore she can’t use this item.

If it or someone else offered this item, but with an additional outlet attached, or one that sits sort of sideways like some of their other products (like the Conserve Power Switch), I would probably buy 20!