Just What Ordered and Needed

Every little bit helps. Don’t forget…..just because you powered down or turned off that tv, computer, ps3, wii, xbox, laptop…etc, doesn’t not mean its not still using power. These things are cheap enough and to use, buy a few. You’ll be glad you did. Example, having a 46″ tv plugged up 24hrs a day without the power being turned is exactly like burning a 60watt bulb 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But when you go to bed at night, you turn those lights off don’t you??? Like I said, Buy Them!!!!

After 45 mins it switches to “averaging” mode, where the info displayed represents a moving average, not an instantaneous measurement, but you can disable averaging if you want, or just unplug the unit briefly to reset it before measuring a new device. I like it better than Kill-a-watt, which I never understood very well. Hope it holds up for at least a year, if it does it will get 5 stars from me.

I bought this to conserve energy, but also to save the life of my phones battery since I charge while I sleep. I wish they would have had an hour setting instead of 1/2 then 3 hour. The look of it is nice and simple though. The LED is not annoying and I like that feature. I would send it back simply for the fact it covers the other outlet, but I think I will just buy a for my other electronics and either hook this onto the or use the on my other outlet in my room. Had it not covered both plugs, I would have gave it 5 stars. I will do an update later on after having it for a while. It seems to be working fine right now.

i purchased two of the other kind of this socket thingys, the kind where you can fit two in an outlet. those were for my microwave and toaster, and work well for that since they are not on a timer. but I like using this one for my living room lamp since it is on a timer. I can walk away and forget about it and 3 hours later it turns itself off. i just wish the 2nd outlet were accessible. otherwise i like it.

We all use many portable devices, i use at least 3 (2 mobile phones and a tablet) In the past i used to leave my devices charging through the whole night, now i set the time i want (30min, 3hr or 6hr ) and this device auto shuts off when time is over. This socket is really and looks good. For a con (if you want to force one) it is somehow bigger than expected but not really a problem.

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