A Great Gift for a Parent/Grandparent

One of the units did not work out of the package until I slapped on the side of it a few times. The red light that indicates power would come on and then fade out. It is supposed to be on when it is plugged in. I was upset because I did not want to send all three of them back because of the one defective unit. Luckily after I slapped on the side of unit number 1 it started working and so far has not been a problem. That’s been at least a week now. Don’t think I will have a major issue with it again. The remote control did come with a battery although it was buried loosely in the packaging so be careful. Amazon assured me that I could have either a refund or replacement within 30 days so that is nice to know! Great for all 3 of my lamps which are a table lamp, a dining room swag light and a floor lamp. Remote control will work through the walls from my bedroom to turn them on or off if I want to. That is approximately 30 feet away through a couple walls. I would purchase again but pay no more than the $25.

They work really well and there is actually no set up. I wanted one outside to turn on Decorative lights and I was concerned it could be damaged or shorted in the rain. I mounted it inside a sealed plastic box and was still able to actuate it from over 40 ft away.

I highly recommend this product.

It can operate 3 three-pronged devices and works flawlessly. The remote is compact and unobtrusive. The remote receptacle switches are not. They are massive heavy white boxes that either hog an entire wall outlet or several outlets worth of space on a power strip. But you do get flexibility and connivence. We use ours for his and hers night stand lights–no more having to lean out of bed to turn off the lamp. Thought about the clapper ala’ “Roseanne”, but it got very poor reviews. Now, what to do with the third switch…. BTW, this would make a great gift for a parent/grandparent. Just bring some power strips and move the furniture to get to their wall outlets.

This product worked out of the box and required no setup whatsoever. The operating range is pretty wide and extends through walls. Also, they each consume just 0.75 watts. (For us, that comes out to about 75 cents a year each.)

The challenge you will probably face is how to fit these things into power strips that are already being used. These devices are BIG! It can be done, but it’s probably easiest to use them in conjunction with an extension cord, where the extension cord would plug into the power strip allowing the device to lay somewhere else.

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