Amazing Device, Easy to Use.

I bought some a few months ago and love them so much I had to buy more! It’s so being able to control all the lamps in the living room and through to the sun room without getting off the couch! And with a King size bed I don’t have to get up to turn off the lights I can’t reach after I’m done reading and nodding off to sleep. It especially means a lot when you have hip and knee issues. I have had no trouble with them, they work perfectly and the signal is not easily blocked by furniture or what-so. I highly recommend :)Shipping was quick as well.

Worked great. Was able to plug in and then use to turn on and off instead of having to plug and unplug lights all the time. I had no problems with range or anything else. The only small negative I would say is the unit that you plug into the wall is rather large (about 4-6 inches tall, 1-2 inches thick).

With this remote and the three switches you can sit back and relax when you need to turn on or off a light. Ever forget to turn off a light in the kitchen after making a sandwich or snack? Even if you are already in another room and eating just click the button and its taken care of. Do yourself a favor though, don’t misplace the remote:)

This is an excellent product and works very well. While other reviewers are complaining that the battery is not provided and the button is hard to press, I have found the battery provided in the box and the button to be very responsive. The range is amazing and I never had hard time to turn on/off any light remotely. I also like that the local outlet units have their own on/off so I don’t have to run around the house to find the remote to turn on/off my light. The only gripe is the size, it is huge and when plugged in to the wall, it blocks the access to the other outlet as well. So maybe the manufacture could make it more compact.

With a wired switch, say your appliance is on and the power cuts out, then your appliance cuts out too (naturally), but when the power comes back on, so does your appliance. In the same sequence of events with a wireless switch, your appliance does NOT come back on—you have to activate the switch to turn it back on. This could make a difference if you’re using a remote switch in conjunction with a motion sensor.

3 Outlets with 1 Remote is the easiest and the coolest product we’ve purchased in a long time. Just think about signage on your wall up 10 feet from the floor that you can turn on with a remote! How cool is that? pies.


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