Fantastic! Shame So Many Companies Stopped Making Them

He has a hard time getting around so a for the outlets makes his day go a lot smoother. He has more than one set of these and so far we have no issues with clicking the on one side of the house and it affecting another…

That being said, I was somewhat skeptical at first because I was purchasing these for work as a bit of a child deterrant so we could shut things off remotely and not have to physically unplug the machines, but also to make closing up at night a little bit easier, and was pleasantly surprised.

Because of the technologies used, a fairly clear line of sight is required to shut off or turn on the plugged in devices, however in a small store like we have, that is not a problem at all. After nearly a month of use, there have been no problems at all and consider it money well spent!

there is no more bending over furniture or other hard to reach areas. This products remote even goes throuhg walls when in a differnet room and it comes with three wall units. only disappointing thing about this is that it only comes with one remote. overall very happy with this product.

This product turned out to be great! and figure out how to use. Very inexpensive way to resolve my problems. I walk into a dark bedroom many a night. I have knee problems and going done five steps in the dark can get tricky. I was going to pay an electrician to put a motion sensored item at the top of my stairs. It turned into more money then I wanted for easy to turn on and off light. Then we thought about how every time I moved in my room the light would turn on.

So, I went to Amazon and found this set of three remote control assistance clicker. I put one on a light near my bed, my desk and near the path to the restroom. My grandchildren can hardly wait for night time in my bedroom. Now my problem is which grandchild gets to use the clicker when all three are around! Oh, I carry the clicker in my purse when I leave and near my bed when i am already in my bedroom. Great Product!

No worry or concern of electrical shock since no occupant comes in contact with harmful electric forces since the remote control is powered by a low voltage battery. Installation is as simple as plugging the module into a 120 volt receptacle then plugging the lighting, fan, appliance, etc into that module. Kit will operate up to 3 different circuits. Ofcourse you need to remember to keep the modules or the actual powered appliance/ lighting from coming into contact with pets or people if you are working in wet or potentially damp locations. Since the remote is battery powered you could safely control the moduled circuits while you are bathing or in a hot-tub but I would surmise this could result in a short life, due to high moisture exposure; especially if submerged, of the remote.

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