Great Product, Just as Described.

It takes an uncommon battery size, but I found it easily at the store. I actually velcroed the to the wall, so it wouldn’t get lost, and use it as a . It’s one of the coolest things ever! It’s sure easier than wiring a ceiling light with a or a to an outlet. Would recommend this seller and this product!

We plugged everything into the outlets and we can turn on 3 different trees and all the decorations out in the sunroom without having to go out and plug them all in one at a time. In my opinion THEY ARE GREAT.

My order arrived quickly and contained one remote with battery, and three outlets. I tried all three outlet right away and they did all work just as described. In fact, I just tested the remote from outside on the opposite side of my house and it STILL WORKED. Yes, the outlets are rather large, but I’m not sure why you couldn’t just use an extension cord if the space is tight. I would definitely recommend this product.

So far they are working perfectly fine. It’s so much easier tuning everything off/on w/these than running around the house to plug/unplug all the millions of thing I have to light up. The only downside, which has been mentioned in other comments is the size of the outlet, they are very large. Even though you only plug it into one outlet, it covers both outlets up, which is a pain b/c you end up running extra extension cords to everything.

I use all three outlets to power three floor lamps and one bankers table lamp. When I’m out of my home I leave the remote by the front door and sometimes take it with me if I plan on returning soon. I thoroughly enjoy being able to enter a lit living room without fumbling. When viewing my home theater I can adjust my lighting without having to cross the room. Glad I took a chance on this device. I also don’t have to worry about sounds from my entertainment system or visitors shutting off any of the outlets.

I have used them for hard to reach lamps. I would have liked the plug insertion to be on the side and not the front because of placement in back of furniture. I wanted to use one on a stairwell behind a narrow chest and could not becuase the chest then stuck out too far from the wall.

I’ve replaced three separate ‘key fob’ controls with a single remote. I’ve had it for a couple of years and have had no problems with it. It would be nice if it had a dohickey on it to allow me to hang it – but it is otherwise perfect.

Not a single issue with the functionality. I use them in a relatively large room to power a fan, a light, and a space-heater. The only issue that puts my review at 4/5 is the size of the unit: I’ve been unable to plug-in another cord into any of the outlets it occupies.

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